Zumba Craze That Is Taking Over the World


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Welcome to The World of Zumba

Millions of people all over the world do Zumba. Most participants are women, but there are a few men who unabashedly admit that they, too, fell for the powerful seduction of joyous beats.

People tend to prefer Zumba over aerobics and weight-lifting, because Zumba is so much fun and does not feel like typical exercise. Zumba’s ‘join the party’ slogan seems fair because it feels more akin to dancing, chatting to and having fun with your girlfriends than getting bored and exhausted at the gym!

What Zumba is Good For

Regular classes build and tone your muscles, and help you improve your cardiovascular stamina. The best thing about Zumba, however, is that the workout releases endorphins that keep us happy and relaxed! Yes, more of those please! Zumba is considered a very safe form of exercise, and participants typically burn between 500 and 1000 calories during one session.

Celebrities Fancy Zumba

There are a lot of celebrities who themselves fancy a class of Zumba now and then. Some famous names include Natalie Portman, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lopez. A lot of the money saved on marketing has been invested in charities over past years.

How it all Started

The roots of Zumba grew in Colombia during the ’80s and ’90s. When the inventor of the moves, Alberto Perez, emigrated to America in 2001, classes started to form and the dance exercise further developed into the popular fitness movement it is today.

Dance Styles in Zumba

If you join a Zumba class you will be trying out a mix of different dance styles. Zumba includes moves from aerobics, hip-hop, salsa, martial arts, reggaeton, soca, chachacha, belly dancing, and Bollywood dancing (just to name a few!). Classes normally last for an hour where fast and slow music is mixed. Every instructor is licensed, but gyms are not charged licensing fees.


Different Classes for Different Purposes

Many people join classes with mixed ages, and this is part of the fun.  There also exist classes specifically for certain ages and fitness levels. Classes are divided into regular Zumba, Toning, Aqua, Gold, and Sentao. Zumba Gold is primarily for the elderly, taking into account their specific needs and limitations. People in Gold classes work out with sticks, but the same music is played as in the regular Zumba classes. If you prefer exercising at home, there are several Zumba videos available. The Zumba fitness video, released in 2010, has already sold more than three-million copies worldwide.

So whether you like your dance music, hip-hop, or Latin music; Zumba has it all for you. Try it out in your area and perhaps meet some new friendly faces!

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    • Kim
    • September 29, 2012

    I really love zumba, but in the xbox version! I have Zumba Rush and it’s such a fun workout at home. Even my husband gets into it, which is saying something about how awesome this workout is 🙂

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