Your Nutrition Changes As You Age


Know what you need at different stages of your life

As you age, eating healthy becomes even more important. Aging is associated with different changes in your body like deficiencies in nutrition, poor health consequences and diminishes quality of life. With time, everything has changed and there are several things that you can now do to prevent age-related issues and also to safeguard your body from all sorts of deficiencies. For instance, now that you’re aging, you need to start taking the required supplements, foods that are rich in nutrition and protein supplements. Just as sportsmen and athletes require taking protein supplements like gold standard whey Australia which are available at the best online resources, there are specific nutrients and proteins for the aging population as well. Now that you’ve clicked on this post, you’ll get to know the ways in which nutrition changes whenever you start aging and you’ll also be advised on how you should address these issues. Scroll down to know more.

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Aging – How it sets an impact on your nutritional requirements

As mentioned above, aging is associated with different changes to your body like thinner skin, loss of muscles and less acid in the stomach. With the onset of these body changes, few of them even make you deficient to nutrients, proteins and minerals which in turn hamper the quality of life that you lead. There are several studies which show that 25% of the seniors suffer from atrophic gastritis which is a condition where the cells which produce acid go through inflammation.

One more potential challenge faced by most aging people is the reduction in the calorie levels. This too leads to a nutritional dilemma and this is why the seniors require getting as much nutrients through their food as they should get calories. If you take a wide array of whole goods along with the right health supplements, you can easily be able to meet your nutritional requirements. Your body will also witness a reduction in ability to recognize thirst and hunger. This can make you suffer from weight loss and dehydration. Such issues tend to get graver as you age.

Nutritional requirements for different stages of life – Which are you in?


Planning a pregnancy, conceiving and then breastfeeding are few of the crucial times when you require reviewing your eating and nutrition habits. Shouldn’t you change your eating habits now so that you could give your baby the best start? Healthy eating is vital for a would-be mom even before you conceive. Here’s how you can create a balanced diet. Divide your food in 5 groups:

  • Cereals, breads, pasta, rice, noodles
  • Fruits
  • Legumes and vegetables
  • Yogurt, milk and cheese
  • Fish, lean meat, eggs, poultry, legumes and nuts

Each of these groups requires different nutrients which are both vital for you and your baby. Moreover, you should keep drinking lots of water. Few of the nutrients that you may need are iron, calcium, iodine, protein and folate.


We are all aware of how vital it is for the teens and children to make the best activity choices and healthy food. For teens and adults too, you need to plan their eating habits so that they get their required nutrition levels. When it comes to healthy eating, you have to enjoy different foods which the various categories. Here’s a guide on the foods that the teens and children will need everyday.

  • Enough of legumes, vegetables and fruit
  • Enough of cereals which include pasta, rice, breads and also whole grain
  • Fish, lean meat, poultry eggs and other alternatives
  • Yogurt, milk, cheese and options with low fat

Water is undoubtedly the best drink for teens and kids and they should take the required steps to stay hydrated. Though it is tough to get kids to eating veggies and fruits, you should continue the struggle. Once you make these healthy foods easily available, they will probably tuck them in more. Try learning new recipes to cook items which include healthy foods.


Just as healthy eating is important for everyone, it is equally important for people who grow older. For the seniors, eating should become a sociable activity which can be enjoyed and for which they should be kept waiting. Moreover, it should be a healthy experience as well. Unfortunately, it is seen that there are several Americans who take poor diets because of lack of variety in the foods we eat.

When you grow older, your appetite can often decrease and hence it is important to start eating a wide array of foods which can make foods interesting. It is vital to eat foods which are high in terms of nutrients and some of them may include:

  • Legumes (kidney beans, baked beans, chick peas), enough of vegetables and fruits
  • Abundance of cereals which include pasta, rice, noodles and even whole grains
  • Poultry, fish, lean meat and other alternatives
  • Yogurt, milk, cheese and any other low-fat alternative

There are few other food items like soft drinks, chocolates and cakes which usually won’t fit into these categories. Our aging bodies don’t need them and hence they should be taken in small amounts or every now-and-then.

Henceforth, you have to choose your nutrition level according to the category you fall in. Irrespective of any other consideration, remember that proper nutrition is something that everyone needs. Try to consult a dietitian and know about the total serves of each food group that is apt for your age.

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