Ylang-Ylang Aromatherapy Extracts for Anxiety


Ylang-Ylang Aromatherapy has become one of the emerging treatments against anxiety and stress. In a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin in Madison showed that when people are worried the sense of smell is heightened. People are able to use their sense of sniff to become calmer. When the body is worried it enters into a mode where it becomes agitated and alert. As levels of worry increase you become more aware about the surroundings. This is part of the survival mode which people enter into when they feel worried. It is best to take advantage of this heightened sense of smell to beat mental problems. Here are some of the reasons why it is best to go the fragrant route.

Aromatherapy reduces anxiety.

A certain aroma is able to regulate sleeping patterns. Sleep is one of the struggles that a person that is suffering from the symptoms of anxiety have to endure. To help deal with the debilitating symptoms of stress or anxiety, it is best to use essential oils. Aromatherapy is able to give people a good night’s sleep. Sleep can tone down an individual’s worries and lower the levels of blood pressure. More often than not those people who are suffering from anxiety find it hard to sleep. Aromatherapy can help by soothing the senses and results in a calmer mind. It is able to address the anxiety and stress and lead to a better quality of sleep.

Aromatherapy helps panic attack sufferers.

Often people that are anxious and even depressed are being challenged by panic attacks. The symptom of panic attacks includes shallow breathing. The good thing is that essential oils that are made from ylang-ylang extract are great against panic attacks. The oils combined with mindful and deep breathing can stem the tide and help you become calmer. Panic attacks can be disastrous and it is remotely life threatening. However, chronic panic attacks can elevate the heart rate and blood pressure which can hurt the body in many ways.

Ylang-Ylang Extract has sedative effect.

Essential oils that are made from ylang-ylang act as a mild sedative. When people are suffering from panic attacks often they take tranquilizers. Anxiety and stress sufferers often battle with its debilitating symptoms. Ylang-ylang can be used in aromatherapy to lessen the severity and even cut down the frequency of anxiety attacks and even help people with suicidal tendencies as a result of depression. Combined with other types of therapies, aromatherapy can help in transforming lives to the better.

Essentials Oils are easy to find.

Essential oils from plant sources are abundant and easily sourced. It can be used in baths, massages, and diffuser machines. It is even used as part of perfume scents. No matter how the essential oils are used it will surely help the mind cope better and elevate one’s mood. It is best to consider aromatherapy as part of the anti-depressant therapy that your doctor will be prescribing.

Aromatherapy helps in anger management.

People that are subjected to stress often feel angry. One of the best ways to manage anger is through aromatherapy. Ylang-ylang extracts made into essential oils can help people focus and gain better control over their emotions. This will lead to lowered stress levels and help people regain their lives and be more productive all over again.

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