XXI Century Habits That Kill Us Day By Day


Numerous of scientists claim that our ancestors were dozens times healthier and more enduring than we are today. It is incredibly unfair that the technical progress, which supposed to make our life easier and brighter, is slowly killing us instead. However, we’re not talking about pollution caused by the expanding corporations. This article shed some light on the everyday things that ruin our health and describes the ways to reduce their harmful impact.


Workaholism is a trend of modern society. Spoken on behalf of the rich self-made moneybags, today more and more books and TV-shows are dedicated to success and encourage us working harder, better and faster. Unfortunately, overworking doesn’t make us stronger. It is connected with numerous of negative impacts. The biggest of them is sleeping problem.

health at work

It is silly to show off about sleeping 4-6 hours a day. Working instead of having a rest does not improve our performance. Instead, it causes a chronic sleep debt, which leads to memory weakness and lack of concentration.

Don’t try to impress your supervisor by going home late. Permanent stress and overworking affects negatively on our personal life. Try to finish your tasks during the day, spend more time with your family or a mate from Dating Brides, walk more and leave more hours for hobbies. The happy employee = effective employee.

Staring on screens and monitors

Computers penetrated deep into our life. They are irreplaceable devices for studying, working, communication and entertainment. Even when we try to rest from all of that, we hopelessly replace staring at monitors by watching TV or reading an e-book. Right now, you’re reading this article on you smartphone or monitor!

It is obvious, that spending much time watching into a glowing screen lowers our sight, and manipulations with computer mouse cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Moreover, it influences negatively on our nervous system, especially when we use our devices right before going to sleep. Think twice before you decide to check out your news feed or play some videogames late at night.

Fast food and snacks

We couldn’t pass over this topic, despite everyone knows about the killing harm of junk food. Life is too short to stuff your body with fat and highly processed food. The poor organism tries to extract at least something useful from this, but only receives trans fatty acids, preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers. As a result, we get the digestive system diseases, obesity, diabetes, decreased immunity and other troubles. Do you really need all this?

Everyday music in headphones

It is hard for us to admit it, but unfortunately, listening too much and too loud music in your headphones every day is a great act of disrespect to your organism. Well, it definitely helps getting rid of boredom and irritating chats in the public transport, brightens our life with great sounds and cheers us up. But everything has its dark side.

It causes sensorineural hearing loss, which later makes us to high up the volume and the disease continues up to the total hearing loss. Moreover, listening to loud music provokes headache and lowers mind concentration. Try to use headphones a bit more rarely than usual and keep your ears safe.

Coffee abuse

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, and it is not because of its taste. Trying to fit the deadlines, we pour the gallons of this stimulating potion into our bodies. It is easy to notice the correlation between coffee consumption and the level of workaholism in the world. According to that, in average, Scandinavian people drink up to 5 cups a day! Even the smallest abuse is fraught with numerous diseases: irritable bowel syndrome, increased body’s heart rate and blood pressure, ulcers and insomnia.

The best substitutes are wheatgrass juice, green tea, licorice tea, pomegranate juice and ginseng tea.

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