Writing about Fitness: Rules, Secrets, Tips


Tips on Successful Fitness Article Writing

Professional writers of often help bloggers to improve the quality of their content. Among the most popular spheres are fitness, healthy way of life, beauty and fashion, so they are dab hands at writing texts for them. For you, future fitness writers, these workable tips how to create catching, informative and useful articles.

Simple and practical skills for creating great articles

Usually trainers and coaches with great experience in the field are able to give priceless information how to improve physical condition, find the best exercises just for you or warn what exercises can do harm. However, they are struggling with writing, because they have no experience of creating articles.  Here are the rules of good article, no matter what sphere it is dedicated to:

  • Useful
  • Informative
  • Interesting
  • Well-organized

Remember, that the Internet is flooded with loads of false “useful” articles, information and pieces of advice that many writers happy go lucky copy and post at their blogs. Many people believe in written word through thick and thin, and then harm their health following the wrong instructions. So whatever you are going to write about, use only relevant sources, find proofs and make sure that your information is correct. Remember, that you are responsible for everything you publish online!


Top 10 Fitness writing tips

  1. Learn about things you know and passionate about. So think about covering the topics that are the most interesting for you in your professional practice, or that give answers to the questions you are often asked.
  2. Plan your paper ahead. We do not mean outline in this point, but the core ideas that you want to discuss in your paper. Write them down giving reasons why you want to cover them.
  3. Be original. Find your own tone and voice that helps you to present information in the most convenient and efficient way. And speaking about your personal experiences using the voice you usually use in work will simplify your task greatly.
  4. Give background information. You have no idea what knowledge your readers have about your topic, so there is always a necessity to provide them with general must-know information, fundamental knowledge without which the details you give in the body of the text are nonsense.
  5. Highlight the benefits of your article and the target audience in the intro section.
  6. Follow the main rules of academic writing. Your paper should answer the Who, What, Why and the How questions – and all answers should be placed in the body of the text.
  7. Always try to bust myths and misinterpretations. Your readers can and will have opinions to your opinions. Always pay attention to the counterarguments that others may come up with and try to answer them. In addition, there are plenty of false facts connected to any fitness topics – try to dispel them.
  8. Consider discussion of the topic with your colleges and scientists to get all information correct.
  9. Do not forget to edit and proofread texts.
  10. Publish only those articles that are worth reading to your mind.
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