WOD (Workout of the Day): Some of This, Some of That


Hey everybody! How are your WOD’s coming along? So I was at the gym today and was really baffled that I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. I felt like biceps, but I wanted to work my lower back. I also wanted to do a little abs as well. SOOOOO… I decided to create my own little concoction of a workout. It turned out to be pretty hard but in an amazing way! Okay so here it is:

Some of this some of that:

Warm-up: Do 5 mins on the treadmill/stationary resistance bike. And be sure to stretch before you start.

4-6 rounds of…
200m sprint/jog
25 sit ups or crunches whatever is easier for you
10 deadlifts (185lbs)
8 bicep curls each arm (25lb dumbbells)

 45 second break in between each round


If you can only do one round, do one! But if you can do more go ahead and push yourself. The goal of these WOD’s is not to try and do exactly what I am doing. It is to try your very best and forget the rest. There is no reason to feel bummed out if you don’t do the 4-6 rounds. Just remember you got up and TRIED!!! That is what counts the most.
Please modify the weight if needed. Do what your body tells you it can handle. Just don’t make the WOD too easy on yourself. You should feel pretty winded after this one.

Comment below on how your workout was and any modifications you made, and let me know if you have any questions!

Stay Ripe,


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