How Will Your Kids Survive A Divorce


kids and divorceKids are very resilient and survive well after a divorce. As a whole, the family is not intact as it once was, but they still see siblings and the non-custodial parent on a continual basis.

Setting aside one-on-one time with each parent and child is important to let him or her know that they are an integral part of the lives of each parent. An activity that kids of all ages enjoy is drawing together with a parent. It can be fun to draw pictures of their home, siblings and pets. Encouragement with smiley faces near each family member stirs good emotions and relief to kids.

What does your child enjoy doing? If you have a mini basketball player, it helps them for you to get involved in their favorite activities. Playing a game of hoops takes their mind off changes in their living situation, such as living with one parent or the other. It is good for kids to exercise in a healthy environment. If your child enjoys playing on the phone, consider getting a parental control app such as Kidsprotectspy.

Kids love to be involved in team sports to encourage physical activities and companionship with others their age. Kids of all ages love to dance wildly to a good tune. Other activities include outdoor sports such as track and field, soccer, tennis or gymnastics. When children excel in a new sporting activity it gives them confidence and increases their well-being through pride. This can be a new topic to talk to both parents about as they learn a new sport.

Local groups in Michigan offer fun-filled family activities to engage your kids, such as a YMCA with zumba, or a swimming pool. Family camps in a serene forest for exploring and learning about nature provide a calming effect for kids.

After a divorce children may want to be more reserved than usual, and in younger children, they may not be able to express what they are thinking or feeling. Have an open communication rule, so kids can speak what is on their minds. If they are doubtful or worried about something, put their minds at ease. Ask them how they feel about a situation, such as moving with a parent to a different house, and express how much fun it will be to meet new friends in their new area. Joining afterschool activities is a way to keep a child’s mind and body busy, so they have less time to ponder things.

Assure children that the non-custodial parent is only a phone call away. Allow them time to speak to the parent they are not living with on the telephone so both parents are an integral part of the child’s life and stay involved. Sometimes it helps kids just to tell a parent what they had for lunch at school, or what new trick they taught their dog today. Of, course there is text messaging and email for older kids to get in touch with a parent and stay connected.

If both divorced parents have good communication with their children and each other, stay closely in touch and each gets involved with the kids, they can expect a smooth transition to a changing family situation. A good family or divorce attorney  or Houston divorce lawyer has many ideas and understands your situation and concerns to help you through family transitions.

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