Why Nutrition is the Key to a Healthy Lifestyle


edamameWe have all been introduced to the importance of nutrition early on. Remember how we used to memorize Go, Grow, Glow in grade school? Well, that is not for naught. The right nutrition contributes to healthy body and lifestyle.

Nutrition is Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

Our body was designed to heal itself. Amazing work of art, we are! We have unique components that allow us to regenerate and reverse aging and deterioration due to internal and external abuse. In order to keep the body in good shape we need proper nutrition to fuel our body. Like gas that fuels a car to make it function well, the food that we eat is the fuel that sustains us.

Eating three square meals a day; would it ensure us that we are giving our body the right amount it needs daily? Yes and no. The nutrition your body needs comes from the food that we eat, but our body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals and we definitely do not eat them. Can you eat 10 cups of green leafy vegetables; 12 pcs of oranges and about 60 pcs of other different fruits for your vitamins and anti-oxidant; several kilos of fish to get your daily doze of fatty acids? Then the answer is no.

What should you eat

There are various natural health tips when it comes to choosing what you eat. As children we need vitamins and minerals to help us reach optimum growth. Our parents buy special milk formulas, several different vitamin supplements to ensure that we get the right amount of nutrition that we need especially because as children we often skip important meals, we load up on junk food and we often don’t get enough rest. As we grow older we thought we are way past the nourishing years only because we have grown taller, packed more muscles and added more years. What we tend to overlook is that the older we get, the more we got exposed to the elements and our body needs nutrition more than ever.

Eat a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables help our body to cleanse and take out toxins that are harmful. These toxins lead to inflammation which results to serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. When the body lacks nutrition it won’t be able to combat the harmful elements that attack the body on a regular basis.

Nutrition as a way of life

Staying healthy and staying in shape need not be very complicated. The only reason we have a hard time losing weight and staying healthy is when we allow ourselves to take our body for granted. We need not wait until we are over- weight, or old or too sick to start a healthy lifestyle. Early on we need to maintain the basic introduction to nutrition that we had when we were kids. Eat go grow glow foods to a healthy you. “Go” food that will give you the energy to move about. “Grow” foods to help you regenerate your cells to make your body function as it should. And “Glow” foods to ensure that youthful look.

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