Why Are You Really Obese? A Possible Conspiracy…


People are getting increasingly fat. It is believed that close to half a million people in this country die each year because they are too fat. We eat too many bad things, and we don’t move enough. While being overweight was a health concern some 20 years ago, the worry is now that people are obese, which is even worse. The swiftness with which this has happened is frightening and it seems unstoppable.

Why Obesity Can’t Be Stopped

If you are obese, you will know how hard it is to lose weight. But why is this? There are actually a number of reasons for this. While the world is quick to blame you and your lifestyle choices (these do actually lie at the heart of the problem), nobody seems to look at why these lifestyle choices are being made. Sugar, for instance, is not a new invention. Carbohydrates aren’t either. People used to live on a diet of almost nothing but potatoes, yet they didn’t become obese. So what is happening? It seems that the problem is money, and not how much money consumers have, but rather how much they spend.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

It is a known fact that obesity leads to a number of illnesses and diseases, many of which require a lifetime of treatment. This treatment isn’t free, even if it is covered by insurance. Many insurance companies now cover bariatric procedures, for instance, but that still means that the pharmaceutical industry gets paid, and they get paid a lot. Then, there are all the associated costs involved. The painkillers, the specialized diets, the gastric balloons, the scalpels and so on. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the wealthiest in the world and it serves them well to keep people obese.

The Food Industry

Then, there is the food industry itself. Interestingly, the food industry is very closely related to the pharmaceutical industry and many are actually one and the same. As they develop more processed foods, we become increasingly unhealthy and fat. But, again, this serves the industry. We develop an addiction to fast foods and sugary drinks. This addiction, in turn, can lead to various illnesses and even organ failure, as demonstrated by one man who ate nothing but McDonald’s for a month. Again, it is all about the money.

The Weight Loss Industry

Finally, there is the weight loss industry itself. Take a look around you in any store to see how many products focus on weight loss. There are pills, potions, patches, shakes, bars, powders and more. Then, there is the literature. People have made millions selling diet programs, exercise programs and more. And the fitness industry is cashing in as well. People have hundreds of pieces of exercise equipment (although they rarely use them), and gym membership is rising at tremendous rates (although gyms continue to be surprisingly empty).

You are fighting a losing battle and it isn’t until you realize you must break free from the consumerist society that you may also be able to fight your obesity.

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