When to Seek Help for Alcohol Abuse


There is just a simple fact in life: sometimes it’s not so great. There are
moments when people are down on themselves, when they feel lost and alone in a
world that is so vast. During these moments people often turn to external means
to coop, and they are not always better off for it. This is the case when
people turn to alcohol to help them escape from the reality of their world,
including their emotions, relationships, social obligations, and so on. Here
are a few warning signs of when a person should seek help, at which time they
can visit a detox clinic like the one found on


Emotional Rollercoaster

Humans are emotional creatures. People feel so much, and
they need to express those feeling in any way possible. Positive feelings can
be obtained through a sense of achievement, celebration, or closeness; just like
the negative emotions can come tumbling in when a person feels like they have
underachieves, worthless, or disappointed. These emotions are entirely natural,
and people should embrace them. Unfortunately, there can be a time when the
emotional rollercoaster of life simply seems to be too much, and then the road
to an alcohol dependency is paved.

The Party Life

Life is great when the emotions are great, and there can
hardly be a more excited and lively place than a party. Everyone is excited,
happy, and energetic. They cast off their burdens of life and just let it all
let go. Yet, a particular warning sign of alcohol abuse is when the person
appears to require a drink to relax and let go. They tend to drink excessively,
and their behavior becomes erratic. This comes from a constant need to strive
for higher heights of happiness, and they believe that alcohol is their golden
pathway to that goal.

Always Need More

There is an honest moment that a person must have with
themselves when they finally realize it is time to attend therapy for substance
abuse. This is usually after something serious happens, like a broken
relationship, an injury, or even when the person realizes how much they have
been drinking. As always, the human body is extremely adaptive, and it is
always trying to reach a calm medium (known as homeostasis). That means the
human body will eventually start requiring more and more of a particular
substance to feel the same effects, and after a certain period of time the
amount of alcohol needed reaches an extent that the person will catch their own
attention or that of others.

Health Issues

On the topic of the human body, a major warning sign is
health issues. Oddly enough, all of the ‘feel good’ effects of alcohol are
literally derived from the body being poisoned. The buzz, fuzzy thoughts, and
loss of memory are clear examples of how alcohol impacts the mind. The body’s
organs also find themselves working overtime to rid itself of the toxins that
come from drinking. The truly terrifying aspect is that these changes could
stop being so temporary when the substance is excessively abused. Anyone that
finds themselves taking longer to accomplish simple physical or mental
exercises should consider finding help. It’s never too late. There are places,
like the Stuart Alcohol Detox Center, that can help get their lives back on a
more stable path.

Relationship Problems

A terrible side-effect of alcohol abuse is losing friends
and beloved partners. Those are the moments when it has gone far past being a
recreational substance. Family and friends may try to hold an intervention.
Their concern stems from seeing the consequences of alcohol abuse from the
outside, and they know that something needs to be done. These interventions are
not only a warning sign; they are a giant red flag. At this point other people
are starting to notice.

It is a well-known fact that life can be difficult. It can
be a struggle. However, people should find a way to embrace both their negative
and positive emotions. It is, after all, what makes them human. Unfortunately,
there will be some people that inevitably turn to abusing alcohol, and all of
the warning signs will be there. They will drink excessively to feel greater
levels of excitement, but they will also find them facing both relationship and
health issues because of it. These warnings should be heeded, and anyone
suffering from this should talk with their family and friends or find a clinic
that provides therapy and alcohol detoxing.

    • Antione Casebeer
    • August 23, 2016

    Don’t hide or dump bottles, throw out drugs, or shelter them from situations where alcohol is present.

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