What’s the Buzz in the Health Food Sector?


The bad news is that over 32.2% of men and 35.5% of women are obese in the United States. The good news is that Americans are doing something about it. The health food sector is booming, and although families often dine out, they are seeking healthier, more sustainable ways to do so. This post covers just a few trends that are taking over the nation, hoping that readers will be inspired to widen their palate inspiration.

vegan dining

Vegetable Based Beverages

New products like Ripple Foods Pea Milk, Rebble Golden Milk (made with turmeric) or Soupure drinkable souped are providing a quick, convenient antioxidant boost to consumers. They are an ideal way to consume the required five-a-day but also a great way to try out superfoods such as turmeric, matcha, or wheatgrass. Turmeric, for instance, has shown promise in combating Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as osteoarthritis and cancer. One 2011 study, for instance, found that patients who added just 200 milligrams of this ‘Indian saffron’ to their meals had significantly less pain and more mobility.

Probiotic Dining

Those who haven’t tried probiotics (microorganisms which promote gut health) are sometimes  a little phased by the lack of information on how to include them in their daily diet. A great way to discover how flavorful probiotics can be is by dining out at an establishment with a health focus. Farm & Craft, founded by restaurateur Ryan Hibbert, offers diners a unique way to do just that. The restaurant, which boasts two branches in Arizona, takes health very seriously, offering four specific ‘paths to wellness’, one of which is probiotic. The other ‘paths’ are centered around antioxidants, anti-inflammatory foods, and stress reduction. Many studies have shown the benefits of probiotics, including the ability of accelerating the recovery rate of patients who have had a brain injury.

Vegan Dining

Vegan food sales grew by a staggering $3.1 billion from 2016 to 2017, with many seeing plant-based foods as a way to cut down on calories and stock up on life-giving antioxidants. With burgers that ‘bleed’ (e.g. the Impossible burger), vegan and vegetarian versions of popular meals such as lasagne or pizza, and vegan takes on everything from butter to cold cuts, we are certainly spoiled for choice, which is good news for those seeking to switch to a meat-free existence.

Virtual Health and Wellness Assistants

Technology is also taking over gastronomy, with a spate of ‘virtual health and wellness assistants’ making it easier to keep track of our activity levels and caloric consumption. Top products to watch out for include smartwatches, GPS-enabled gadgets, and fitness trackers. Specific apps also allow health professionals to communicate with patients to facilitate secure messaging, appointment requests, lab results, and the like.

Technology, science, and business savvy are uniting and the result is one of the most potentially healthy eras we have seen in decades. Greater awareness of the effect of obesity on health and lifespans are doing plenty to steer Americans in the right course. Fitness, sound diets, and the help of superfoods and probiotics are just a few ways to approach health from within while enjoying the very best of American produce.

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