What You Should and Should Not Do on Your Spa Visit


To make sure your spa experience totally washes the stress out of your system, Wyboston Lakes – home to the exceptional Y Spa – has these excellent tips on what you should and shouldn’t do during your visit to a spa.


You SHOULD Take Care of Your Diet

If visiting a spa is on your schedule, make sure you don’t consume a heavy meal before that. How can you relax with a belly full of food? It is also suggested that you reduce your caffeine intake. Too much coffee will prevent you from calming your mind.
If you are really starving, go for a fruit or small snack, so that your blood sugar is on a safe level.

You SHOULD NOT Go to the Spa if you’re High

To calm those nerves, you can have a small amount of alcohol once you reach the spa, but if you think you can turn up to the spa high without any problem, you’re wrong. Instead, the spa authorities might cancel your meeting and send you home.

You SHOULD Power off your Phone

To ensure having a complete relaxing and calming experience without any interference, some spas might demand you leave your phone outside. On the other hand, if your spa allows you to keep your phone with you, it is advised to turn it off. Can you imagine relaxing while your phone’s constantly ringing and beeping? Moreover, it would be against spa ethics to disturb others with your phone’s light and sound.

You SHOULD NOT be Late

Although being late is universally bad, it is especially going to mess up your spa experience. Hastening to the spa would leave your stressed. If you come earlier, you could walk around the facility and talk to the team may be, so that at the time for your treatment, you are fully calm.

You SHOULD Tell the Spa Owner if you’ve Never Been to a Spa Before

To make sure you get the best and most importantly, the right treatment for you, let the spa know if it’s your first time. They will tell you about their different treatments and which could work best for you.

You SHOULD NOT Wear Makeup

Imagine what could happen to your make-up as you step in a steam room or sauna? Either it would simply come off or it would prevent you from getting complete benefits of the treatment.

You SHOULD Wear Slippers or Flip Flops in a Spa

Do you really want to waste time putting on and off your shoes throughout your visit to a spa? It is best to take your slippers with you, leave your shoes in the car and walk into the spa in your relaxing slippers. Some spas even give disposable slippers in case you forget yours at home.

You SHOULD NOT Walk into the Spa with your Outdoor Shoes on

To keep the spa healthy and clean, it is recommended to keep your outdoor shoes outside the facility. You wouldn’t want to carry dirt or mud inside the thermal facility where others will be relaxing barefoot or anywhere near the pool where the water might get dirty.

If you’re clear on spa mannerisms, it’s time to visit the best spa to calm your body and mind.

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