What Women Need To Know About Sleep Disorders


The difficulties connected with sleeping are becoming very common. A hectic lifestyle is actually considered to be a reason behind these problems. Plenty of importance is given to the profession and career. Health is often neglected due to this fact. Regardless of being aware of the threats to the health due to inadequate sleep, not much is done to correct it.

A woman suffers from a lot of health problems if she does not get the required amount of sleep. Being more susceptible to some kind of cancers, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, irritation, headache and emotional outburst is very common in people who do not get ample of sleep. Along with the health, the professional and social life is also affected in a bad way. Insufficient sleep would create problems with regards to the concentration at work and would thus lead to poor performance.

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The most common sleep disorder that women face is insomnia. Being able to get off to sleep becomes difficult for a person suffering from such a problem. Some of the reasons that bring about this condition include over intake of caffeine, medications, stress or a certain kind of medical condition.

The next type of sleep disorder would be parasomnia. It is also known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM). This disorder includes certain conditions like walking or talking while asleep. Sleeping terrors and bed wetting are some of the other conditions that fall under this disorder.

Narcolepsy is the third kind of disorder associated with sleep. An individual suffering from this kind of condition often suddenly falls asleep, regardless of whatever time or place it may be. Thus this is considered to be more serious than the rest of the sleep disorders. The actual cause for this disorder is still not known. People suffering from this disorder usually lack hypocretin which happens to be an amino acid that is responsible to ascertain if one is asleep or awake.

One of the other very common sleep disorders is sleep apnea. An interruption in breathing is caused when one is asleep. This interruption is due to the vibrations of the soft tissues that are present in the throat, nose and mouth. As a result of this interruption, there is a noise caused which is often referred to as snoring. Two of the major reasons that bring about this condition are being overweight and blockage of the nose. Additionally, people who have such a disorder are usually at a high risk of getting diseases associated with the heart.

Women suffer from sleepless nights when they are menstruating as their body temperature increases. In the daytime our bodies naturally become warmer which increases energy and concentration. During the night our body temperature drops and in turn, our alertness reduces and we become sleepier.

Taking a hot bath a good hour before sleep is both relaxing and a great way to aid sleep. While at first, the body increases in temperature, as it cools it promotes sleepiness. However, you should avoid taking a bath soon before bed.

Wear comfortable clothing to bed. Pay attention to the bedroom by keeping the temperature comfortable and sleeping in a good mattress – SleepingCulture, provides information about different brand and type of mattress. During summer this can be difficult, so I suggest that you wear lighter clothing, use a thinner duvet, and keep your windows open.

We practically know that time is a great healer so set a fix up a time to go your bed and wake from the bed. Go to the bed at the same time. Don’t be late on the weekend it could impact you badly. If you want to change your routine, help your body adjust by differentiating small daily increments such as such as 15 minutes earlier or later each day.

Try to lower your stress it will disrupt your sleeping behavior. Schedule some time for the meditative activities like stretching or a hot bath. Try to revoke your brain harassment before retiring to bed. You can do it by writing your general thoughts or reading fictions or newels.

Generally, eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is said to be necessary for every individual. It helps refresh the mind and body. To boost sleep one can find a lot of supplements available. One product of this type is Kavinace. The sleep is enhanced to a great level by the neurotransmitter support that is given by this product to help keep the body calm. It is a supplement that is natural and it also does not contain gluten and additives that are usually present in other products of this kind.

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