What We Drink: How Important is It?


We are all a little preoccupied with healthy eating, and when we are feeling a little lackluster the first thing we address is what we eat. Including more vegetables, fruit, minerals and vitamins in our diets is always a good move. What people tend to forget is how important what we drink is. Our bodies need hydrating, but often when we are feeling run down we fill ourselves full of coffee or tea to give ourselves a kick start. There are much better things we could drink in order to refresh ourselves the healthy way, and we’ll list some of them here for you to give you some ideas.

What We Drink

What We Drink: Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies

fruit smoothieNo kitchen should be without a smoothie maker! But just in case you don’t have one, there are plenty of smoothie cafes dotted around every town. Make it part of your daily routine to grab yourself a healthy smoothie – it will do wonders for your well being. We’re not talking about the ones packed with cream, ice cream and sugar though – sorry! Choose a smoothie that is packed with all sorts of natural goodness. Great combos include carrot, apple and orange, or banana and oatmeal. Whatever you choose, give it a health turbo boost with a dash of wheat-grass. One of these a day will give your body a really good dose of lots of goodness, helping you charge through your day.

What We Drink: Organic Drinks

Organic drinks are great to look out for as they contain far fewer dodgy ingredients. Organic tea is a brilliant choice (especially if it’s decaffeinated) so if it’s a humble cuppa that you’re hankering after; then at least make sure you go for the healthiest option possible. Other organic drinks to try include natural organic lemonade, and organic fruit juice such as mangosteen juice. Just watch out for sugar content. Never ever take drinks which contain the sweetener ‘aspartame’ in them – this is linked with many cancers and is definitely best avoided.

What We Drink: Water

Cup of WaterWe’re sorry but if it’s a healthy drink you’re after it doesn’t get much better than a good old glass of water! After all, our bodies are 50-60% water so if we’re feeling a little dehydrated it’s no wonder we feel so rough. Make your water interesting so it becomes a pleasure to drink. Buy good quality spring water from your local store, add a couple of cubes of ice and finish it off with a squeeze and a slice of lemon or lime. Some people drink hot water, as it has been known to be really good for the digestive system. A slice of lemon infused in hot water is really refreshing and it must be one of the healthiest drinks there are! Water is great for shifting headaches, improving blood circulation and all sorts of other helpful things.

Always think about what sort of drinks you are putting into your body. When you’re tired it’s really easy to reach for sugary energy drinks, but these will just make you feel worse. Choosing healthy drinks is a really great way you can boost your system with loads of goodies, which is why many businesses are installing an office water dispenser from Aramark.

Olive Wen, the author of this post is a tea connoisseur and rejuvenates her taste buds by indulging in drinking green leaf tea. She endorses the health benefits of loose leaf tea through her blogs.

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