What To Do Before and After a Barbecue Party?


We all love a nice barbecue party, especially if it’s with your family and friends. There is nothing better than getting together with your loved ones to enjoy a delicious meal. Setting up a BBQ can be fun, but it can get a little complicated for some people, especially if they’re new to hosting one. Being prepared would be wise and if you want to learn more about how to get ready, then read on below to learn what to do before and after your BBQ party.


Planning the Menu

It would be smart to start planning the menu early on to have an idea of what you’re going to cook. Preparing one type of meal is easy, but boring if you ask me. You need to think about different types of delicious burgers, steaks, hot dogs, ribs, chicken breasts, and so much more. Also, let’s not forget about the different salads because they will go extremely well with everything else that is on the menu. Think about who you’re inviting, what they would like/prefer to eat, and how much meat your grill can take in one go. Do some research and think about each recipe for every type of food you’re going to prepare. Don’t forget about the ingredients and make sure you have all the spices, sauces, and components for everything. Prep all the food and ingredients before the guests arrive so it can be ready for the grill once they arrive. Nothing is worse than having cold food at a BBQ party!

Start Inviting People

You need to come up with a plan for how you’re going to invite people to your BBQ party. You need to figure out how many people you are planning to have, and if they’re available or not. Some people like to do it via phone calls, texts, Facebook or WhatsApp groups, or even group emails. Whichever method you choose, just remember to include the time, date, the menu, if they should bring anything like drinks or desserts, and any other comment you would like to add. If someone wants something specific, then you should tell them to contact you directly. Also, if you feel like most of your guest list won’t make it, then it would be nice to have a discussion together and figure out the best day for everyone to show up. Planning ahead for this can definitely make your party memorable and fun! 

Have the Essentials Ready

It’s always important to have all the essentials ready. This goes beyond your cooking tools, utensils, oil, propane, grill pellets, and charcoal supply, even though they’re all important. But you need to think about disposable plates, cups, utensils, napkins, wipes, table cloths, ice for the drinks, pitchers, and bowls. Also, make sure you know how many people are coming so you could have enough chairs and tables too to set up. Remember to have some safety essentials nearby too, like a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, sunscreen, and maybe a couple of umbrellas for some shade. To give yourself an easier time with the clean up after the party, make sure you have multiple garbage bags and recycling bins. This will make everyone throw anything away when they’re done and not leave it on the table. Also, it would be nice if you invest in a couple of trash pickers to help you pick up anything when the party’s over.

Come Up with Games

The party would be even better if you come up with some fun games. Activities to enjoy together are great and can be a nice addition to your barbecue party. You could have a nice football match before eating to work up their appetite, musical chairs, or even a four-legged race for some fun and laughs. Any activity you do will be perfect and it doesn’t have to be physical if you don’t want it to be. You could play charades, song formation, or even a fun blind drawing game. Every activity you come up with will make everyone enjoy their time and it would make your party memorable. 

Call Everyone to Thank Them

After your barbeque, call everyone and thank them for coming. Your guests would appreciate that friendly phone call and you can chat about the highlights of the event. This is especially important to the people that helped you and brought a lot of drinks or desserts too. A gesture of your appreciation and a good compliment would be nice. Your guests would do the same to you too.

Cleaning Up

You should be prepared to clean up after the party. Depending on your backyard, the type of grill you have, and the weather, you will need to properly clean your grill thoroughly. If you live in South Florida, you would know that it can get very messy with all the rodents and insects during barbecue season. The BBQ grills in Palm Beach county come in different shapes and sizes, but almost all of them will have a pest problem in the hot Florida summers. This means that you need to thoroughly wash and scrub your grill grates, burner tubes, the firebox, and the hood of your grill. Insects and rodents tend to find their way inside. This is because of the leftover food and propane odor that attracts different insects or rodents. Double-check every possible entry point and be prepared to do so after everyone has gone home.


The most important thing for you not to do while preparing a barbeque is not to panic. There is no room for you to get stressed and overthink too much. Try your best and your family and friends will have a great time. Even if a few things don’t go as planned, everyone will have fun and enjoy themselves regardless. It wouldn’t hurt to get some help to prepare for the big day and to clean up everything after it’s over. Getting that helping hand can reduce the stress and calm you down. Overall, with these helpful tips, you can have the best barbecue party ever!

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