What is a Paediatric Surgeon and How Can they Help?


A paediatric surgeon works solely with children, and this specialized form of surgery is very different to that of working with adult patients. The surgeon would work with all children of all ages, ranging from new born babies to adolescents of around 16 years of age. Paediatric surgery became popular in the late 18th century, as doctors tried to remedy birth defects, and in the 1940s, safe methods to use a general anesthetic with children were discovered, and this resulted in the birth of a new type of surgery.

Male Circumcision

Whether it be for religious or hygienic reasons, many parents prefer to have their sons circumcised, and this would typically be carried out by a paediatric surgeon. If you live in Western Australia, and are looking for a children’s circumcision clinic in Perth, there are online clinics that have the best facilities to perform this relatively easy operation.

Specialised Fields

There are different types of paediatric surgery, with some surgeons specializing in heart and lungs, while others would be focused on ear nose and throat issues. There are even doctors that specialize on brain surgery, and as you would expect, there are fields that cover every disease or abnormality.

Online Solutions

If you think you need a paediatrician to examine your child, there are reputable clinics online, and whether you require a Perth circumcision clinic or treatment for an abnormality, a simple online search should put you in touch with the right people. Your doctor might refer you to a paediatric surgeon if he or she thinks that surgery might be the best solution for your child’s issue.

A Precise Form of Surgery

Operating on babies and young children requires a much higher level of precision, as all of the vital organs are smaller, and are contained in a tiny body. The detailed instruction would prepare the paediatric surgeon for a whole host of issues they are likely to be confronted with, and using a general anesthetic on young children demands a high level of skill from the anesthetist.


This is the field of performing surgery on newly born infants or fetuses that are still in the womb. It is sometimes essential to remedy a birth defect at this stage, and the surgeon must have a very high level of skill in order to safely carry out the work. Infant mortality rates have dramatically decreased in the past 50 years, as medical advancement has given surgeons the tools to remedy many ailments that were otherwise untreatable. The neonatologist will be responsible for the care of newborn premature babies in special intensive care units, and they are different from paediatricians in as much as they are focused on the whole child, rather than specific organs.

Paediatric surgeons are essential to the well-being of young children, and in the event of a birth defect, it would more than likely be the paediatric surgeon who would address the problem.

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