What is a Healthy Breakfast?


healthy breakfastSome say that a heavy full breakfast is the secret to healthy lifestyle while others come up with differing point of views saying that the lighter breakfast is, the healthier it will be as heavy breakfast in their opinion is synonymous with growing body weight. Many scientific researches, surveys and reports are presented to support the arguments, but still the conflict prevails.

What is a Healthy Breakfast?

Heavy is Healthy

Daniel Jakubowicz et al came up with an interesting finding after carrying out detailed research on the topic of breakfast, saying that heavy breakfast cuts down the desire to have carbohydrates for the rest of the day so it is technically healthier to eat a substantial meal in the breakfast which may even include sweets. While majority of diet consultants disagree, Daniel proves her work finding with her study on subjects (women) that were over-weight. She made two groups out of them. One group was given breakfast rich in sugars and carbohydrates while the control group was fed light breakfast that lacked sugars. The results were consistent with her report, the control group gained weight.

Light is Healthy

On the other hand Dr. Holker et al put forth facts that proved the previous ones wrong. The Nutrition Journal issued his workings in 2011 saying that a heavy hearty meal damages health and poses serious consequences. As depicted by his study, people who had a heavy meal did not cut on calorie and sugar during lunch and dinner, contrary to what Daniel insisted upon.

So what should we eat to avoid the health hazards posed by both type of breakfasts?

Balanced is Healthy

Listening to both sides of the argument and following a rational path, we can easily infer that balanced breakfast is the solution to our problem. Having a man-sized meal in the morning can prove to be burden on our digestive system that needs to be started slowly as it wakes from the sleep. Eating too much may cause damage to it. On the other hand we do need a balanced amount of sugars, proteins and fibers to kick start our digestive system and gain energy for the body to do different tasks throughout the day or at least till lunch calls. Otherwise we may end up feeling unable to perform our daily routine tasks which will be harm our body.

In order to feel fit and stay fresh, compromising on healthy and balanced breakfast can be a serious mistake. Mill, eggs, fresh juices, bread and cereals are some important elements that need to be there in your breakfast. Different nutritionists may disagree on the type and size of the meal to be taken at breakfast but they all have undisputed point of view about the importance of a breakfast rich in nutrients essential to the growth and nourishment of the body in general and how vital it is to have it in a balanced manner.

Read about a few healthy breakfast recipes.

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