What Are the Most Interesting Topical CBD Products on the Market?

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CBD isn’t like other dietary supplements. With most fad supplements, researchers get curious, are unable to prove that the supplements in question have any real benefits and move on to other topics. CBD, on the other hand, has been a primary topic of researchers for several years because each new study seems to turn up a new potential use for the cannabinoid. According to the Harvard Health Blog, one of the most important aspects of CBD is that it appears to have anti-inflammatory properties. Those properties seem to exhibit themselves whether the product is used internally or on the skin – and that fact has led to the development of a host of topical CBD products. The CBD skincare products on the market range from acne remedies to beauty products and balms for pain relief. These are some of the most interesting topical CBD products currently on the market. If you’ve used CBD orally and experienced good results, give one of these products a try; you might discover yet another great way to get CBD into your life.


CBD Facial Cream

It’s not unusual to find at least one topical CBD product at just about every seller’s website. Some finer sellers such as VSAVI, however, have really focused on providing unique CBD beauty products for those with an interest in high-end skincare lines. One of VSAVI’s most interesting products is a facial cream with CBD. In addition to containing 250 mg of CBD per jar, the company’s CBD facial cream also contains several ingredients known to increase the skin’s elasticity and moisture retention. Those ingredients include collagen and hyaluronic acid along with a potent blend of plant-based moisturizers. As with any other facial product, it’s important to examine the ingredients of a CBD lotion before buying it. Pay attention first to the overall quality of the ingredients and second to the amount of CBD in the lotion. Remember that the benefit of the CBD will be minimal if the lotion doesn’t contain a worthwhile amount of it.

CBD Acne Remedy

Traditional acne remedies fight acne by keeping the skin clean, reducing oil production, killing bacteria and toning the pores. What they don’t do, however, is fight the redness and inflammation that tends to lead to skin that’s cracked, dry, raw and likely to get a case of rebound acne after the first case has cleared up. Adding soothing CBD to an acne care regimen that already works might make that regimen even better. Many acne suffers are absolutely loving the results that they’re getting from CBD acne remedies.

CBD Lip Gloss

What’s the area of your face that’s most prone to inflammation, redness and cracking? If you live in an area that gets cold during the winter months – especially if you have a salty breeze constantly blowing in your face – there’s a good chance that it’s your lips. If you’re looking for lip protection with the ability to soothe that rawness, you might love a good CBD lip gloss. As with other topical CBD products, you should examine the quality of the lip product’s base ingredients first. You want a lip gloss that’s full of moisturizing and protecting ingredients that keep your lips looking plump and healthy while shielding them from wind and sun damage.

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