Wellness and Health Improving Games


Games are usually viewed as ways to waste a little time and have some fun but they can also improve your health. Wellness is linked to taking moments to yourself to enjoy a pastime but these games might surprise you in how they could improve your life!

Dance Dance Revolution – Take yourself right back to the days of old school arcades with this game! Not only will it have you bursting with nostalgia it will get you up and exercising to classic tunes. Bright colors and engaging lights can also help you feel in a more positive mood and you’ll be burning calories as you go.

PC Gamer Bike – A range of PC games can be used with this exercise machine to create an unusual gaming experience. The bike is linked to a resistance module and this will alter to go along with the terrain shown on screen. It is totally configurable to a multitude of games, such as racing or adventure games.

Bingo – There are a number of studies into the ways in which games, such as bingo, can keep your mind active. This can improve cognitive health in later life and can even help your retention. If you’re not sure where to start with playing bingo online then check out the reviews on for impartial advice.

Sudoku – In the same vein, Sudoku can also help you keep your mind active and healthy. Crunching numbers might not sound like your idea of fun but this has huge health benefits. Once you get a hang of the rules, you can start with the easy puzzles and work your way up to a more difficult challenge.

Wii Fit – This gadget was something of a sensation when it came out but the press has died down around it now. Regardless of the buzz around it, the machine is a fantastic way to do a bit of exercise at home. It can weigh you and offer a BMI that you can chart as you watch your progress improve as you train.

Glucoboy – This is a brilliant device for anyone who monitors their blood sugar, diabetic or not. It’s primarily aimed at children but can be used by those of all ages as an incentive to test blood sugar in a fun way. By keeping your levels on track you’ll get mini games and fun from the game.

My Weight Loss Coach – This is another game in a series of wellness efforts from Nintendo that aim to make their players healthier. It works in a similar way to My Fitness Pal and incentivises players to weigh in and track their progress. They also have a stop smoking game which is also top for those looking to make lifestyle changes.

Mahjong – This game has been linked to a number of wellness studies and it shows a link to battling the signs of degenerative brain conditions. The style of play and rules make for a competitive and enjoyable table game.

Crosswords – Picking up your local newspaper to play a crossword can be hugely beneficial. These can help keep the brain active and can even just give you some time to yourself when needed.


Guitar Hero – Forget the air guitar, check out Guitar Hero for a game that you can play with friends. This works on rhythm and timing based movements that will have you flooded with smiles in no time.

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