Weight Loss Tips for Vegans and Vegetarians


weight loss tips for vegans and vegetariansOne of the biggest health concerns in the United States is obesity. It is among the leading causes of preventable death. Despite the numerous diets that keep cropping up every day, people just keep getting fatter and relying on adipex diet pills. According to a government review on weight loss studies, about two-thirds of dieters regain the lost weight within a year, while an astounding 97 percent regain the weight within 5 years. Yo-yo dieting, the cycle of losing weight and gaining it again, is actually worse than being obese. A vegetarian diet is the only scientifically proven weight loss plan that can help you to lose weight and keep it off for longer.

Vegan foods are low in fat which makes calorie and quantity restrictions unnecessary. You can actually eat more and weigh less! A vegan diet is the ideal diet. Simply by substituting some foods in your diet, you start shedding the pounds. Research has shown that people on a normal vegetarian diet consume approximately 500 calories less than those who eat meat. This is the case even for those vegetarians and vegans who consume more food than non-vegetarians. Since 3,500 calories shed are equal to one pound lost, this translates to one pound lost each week. Many tests have been carried out to show the benefits of plant-based diets and how they help in weight loss and better health. Diets rich in nutrients and fiber have been proven to not only tame obesity, but to also reverse and prevent killer diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

Being overweight can be depressing for any vegetarian or vegan. While most people lose weight after going vegetarian or vegan, there comes a point when those pounds just won’t go off no matter how hard you try. Going on a new diet can help you to lose weight as your body adjusts to the new type of food. However, you may begin to put on weight after a while after your body adapts to the new diet. This is especially the case when you aren’t eating foods that support a healthy lifestyle. If you consume more calories than your body needs, you will gain weight. So what is the best way to lose those pounds permanently on a vegan or vegetarian diet? Here are some tips!

Eat Proteins

nut assortmentMany people have the false belief that vegetarian diets don’t contain enough proteins essential for significant weight loss. However, research has proven that this isn’t the case. Eggs, soy, and whey are some good sources of proteins for vegetarians. Raw nuts and beans are also excellent sources of whole proteins for vegetarians or vegans. If you want to have something on the go, get some organic protein bars, whey, or soy protein powder. These products are high in protein and contain low amounts of sugar and fat which make them ideal for vegans or vegetarians on diets.

Eat Foods Rich in Fiber

Fiber-rich foods help make slimming less strenuous. A lot of fiber-rich foods contain no calories which makes them lower in energy than foods with no fiber. High fiber foods also take longer to chew which helps slow down your eating pace. They make you feel full faster so you’re less likely to overeat. Fiber soaks up water, holds onto it, and swells in your stomach making you feel full. Fiber is more difficult to digest so it stays longer in the stomach making you feel fuller for longer. This eliminates the aspect of snacking between meals. Foods rich in fiber include raspberries, pears, apples, lentils, black beans, barley, whole wheat spaghetti, oatmeal, and split peas.

Don’t Forget Your Veggies

brocolliAmong all food groups, vegetables have the highest nutrients and the lowest calories. This makes them ideal for any weight loss plan. Leafy greens like kale, spinach, chard, and leaf lettuces are rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin A and C. Peas, artichoke, broccoli, sweet corn, turnip greens, and potatoes are also rich in fiber. Even vegetables with starch like eggplants and carrots have fewer calories than other food groups. The fiber in vegetables helps keep hunger pangs at bay. The key to losing weight is to plan your meals beforehand. Make sure you include different types of vegetables, grains, and fruits. Lack of planning can make you reach for junk food when hunger pangs strike. Look for healthy vegetarian or vegan meals in grocery stores that offer you convenience and help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Avoid fried foods and high-fat casseroles and look for recipes that incorporate broiled, boiled, sauted, or steamed food.

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