Ways To Fight Off Infection And A Weaker Immune System


Diabetes affects a person’s health in not just one way but several ways. There are variety of problems that a person, having this fatal disease experiences, including low blood sugar, weaker immune system, weak health status all over, etc. Apart from these health issues, there are some issues that are directly related to the feet and causes low blood circulation in the feet. Owing to this, many diabetic patients may find it difficult to walk or perform any exercise. Activities requiring a lot of physical involvement actually are a pain for a diabetic patient. The reason can be damaged nervous system, a decaying ability of the body to fight off infection and a weaker immune system.

Fight the feet issue with appropriate shoe

comfortable shoesDiabetes can hamper the production of required oil and lubricants in the body and owing to this poor lubrication, the skin might crack and easily callus. Here the best remedy would be to opt for Diabetic shoes. These shoes are not only comfortable compared to the normal shoes but also best suited for a diabetic patient. Some of the advantages of these shoes are enlisted below:

  • Have proper and deeper padding compared to the normal daily footwear
  • Prevents calluses, strains, ulcers etc., on the feet
  • Can be custom-made to fit your requirements

Most of the diabetic persons are not aware of the degree of danger their feet is exposed to. A visit to the doctor or ankle and foot surgeon can help identify the same so do not delay and pay a visit today.

Weak immune system

Diabetes can affect your immune system and cause an overall deterioration in your health system. Immune system and diabetes are related to type 1 diabetes, which is mostly an autoimmune disease. Type 2 diabetes on the other hand can occur owing to the problem in the immune system and can be in the form of a viral infection or bacteria which can further lead to insulin insensitivity.

Fight off infections

There are a range of infections that a diabetic person may face, including bladder and kidney infections, oral infections, vaginal infections etc. To avoid all these infections, what is needed is the knowledge and the necessary care that needs to be taken. Diabetes can damage the nerves connected to your bladder and owing to this, some urine stays back in the bladder, leaving room for the pool of germs to take birth and multiply. It is essential that you get yourself checked and immediately take steps to fight off these infections that may ruin your body in a great way.

Prevention is better than cure

A diabetic patient faces many issues but if proper care is taken, you can lead a healthy life without even feeling the pinch of problems that this disease carries along with it. Take steps to maintain healthy blood glucose and regularly get the tests done to keep a track on your blood pressure levels. Stay in close touch with your doctor and consult immediately without delay if you face or experience the germination of any unusual phenomenon in your body.

The author, Harry Cooper, is a serial blogger. He shares health and beauty related tips through his articles. He recently did a research piece on the different types of prosthetic devices available in the market.

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