7 Reasons to Drink Water Kefir at the Workplace


water kefirMany people know about the health benefits of drinking milk kefir or eating yogurt, but most aren’t familiar with water kefir. Kefir, whether made from milk or water, is a probiotic beverage full of healthy bacteria and yeasts that do a world of good for your body. Among other benefits, probiotics are believed to improve intestinal function, maintain the integrity of the lining of the intestines and maintain a strong immune system. Read on to find out why you should make it a point to sip water kefir during your workday.

1. Water Kefir is a Good Substitute for Sodas

When it’s flavored, water kefir can taste a lot like soda — depending on how it’s made, it’s often carbonated too. Plus, it’s healthy, so if you’re looking to kick the soda habit at work, water kefir is a perfect a substitution rather than going cold turkey.

2. It Will Help You Stay Hydrated

Because water kefir can be flavored any way you want, it’s much more fun to drink than plain water, so you’re more likely to sip it throughout the day. Of course, you should drink plain water too, but if you have trouble drinking enough water, water kefir may be a great way to stay hydrated, which will help you (and your body!) perform your best all day long.

3. Probiotics Improve Your Digestion

It’s never fun to have indigestion at the office, and there are few ways to easily nip it in the bud. Need we say more?

4. Probiotics Fight Allergies

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, ditch the allergy pills — consuming more probiotics may be the way to go. Think how much better you’ll be able to concentrate at work if you’re not sniffling and sneezing all the time.

5. Probiotics Improve Your Immune System

Yes, it’s true: Having a healthy gut keeps you from getting sick as often. With all the germs that float around offices, any extra defense is a good thing.

6. Water Kefir is Easy to Make

Although you’ll probably prefer to buy it if you’re just starting out, water kefir is amazingly simple and cheap to make if you want to do it yourself. If you really make it a habit, this is the way to go — you’ll save a ton of money.

7. The Little Bit of Sugar Will Wake You Up

Much of the sugar that goes into water kefir gets metabolized by the yeasts and bacteria, but what’s left will give you a little kick in the middle of the workday. It’s not as much as a soda, which lifts you up and then drops you back down in half an hour, but it’s enough to help you get moving when you’re dragging your feet.

There’s no doubt about it! Water kefir is an under-appreciated probiotic drink that can seriously improve your workday — not to mention your general health. Try it out and see how you feel! For additional self-improvement resources, check out Tina’s Guide to Treating Anxiety with Yoga.

Tina Daniels writes about self-care techniques for VapeWorld

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