Vaping is on the Rise: Why Should You Choose Vaping over Smoking?


What is Vaping?

Vaping is known as the action of using a vaporizer pen or an electronic cigarette used to vaporize a liquid solution comprising of nicotine. Vaping has received an overwhelming support from the smoker’s community; especially from those who decided to quit the lethal habit of cigarettes.


If you want to kick the habit of smoking, vaping will truly serve as your best friend!

The use of e-cigarettes has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Furthermore, the adult tobacco consumers are surely contented and satisfied with the modern-day E-cigs.

Owing to the popularity of e-cigarettes, more companies are investing in researching various flavors and varieties to offer more choices to vapers.

Smoking vs. Vaping? Is Vaping Better than Smoking?

  1. By far, the most popular use for a vape is for those who are trying to discourage smoking harmful cigarettes.

With vapes, you have the option of buying oils and cartridges containing different amounts of nicotine in them, or with none at all. This is the perfect way to slowly cut down on the harmful chemicals that are being inhaled by your body. Moreover, with vape, you are also replacing it with vapor that is less harmful than smoke from cigarettes.


  1. If you are planning on quitting cigarettes but can’t get over the addiction to it, using a vape is your best solution.

How do you ask? It is seen that vapers determinedly make better decisions in their everyday lives than smokers. This is because they are consciously aware of living a healthy lifestyle and are actively seen taking steps towards it.

For example, smokers don’t devote their time to exercising because they feel it wouldn’t be beneficial for them as they are already unhealthy from smoking.  But if they use vapes, their body would start getting healthier from the inside. Thus, compelling them to start exercising.

  1. On top of being able to quit smoking, you can also save a ton of money by using vape oils that have nicotine in them versus buying packs of cigarettes!

Some starter vape kits last for a whole year and only cost around $30. Isn’t that a great news for your wallet?
The oils vary in prices but you can begin with the basics. It will definitely save you hundreds, if not thousands in the long run!

  1. Because vaping comes in the option of non-nicotine oils and cartridges, even those who have never picked up a cigarette in their life can vape if they choose to do so.

They could take it up as a sort of habit, or they can do it with others who vape. As weird as it may sound, vaping for non-smokers could be used to help comfort themselves with others.

vaping is better

Think about it: If a non-smoker is uncomfortable being around a group of vapers, they can join in as well and not be the odd man out.

  1. Those who have various types of social anxiety can also use vaping as a tool so that they have something to do while in a conversation. There are many types of anxiety where one needs something in their hands to fidget with in order to focus, and vaping can be comforting for someone who has the feeling that they always need to be doing something. With the non-nicotine oils and cartridge options for vaping, there are many safe options for non-smokers to use without having to worry about toxic chemicals.

Conclusively, there are many reasons where vaping can be relaxing as well as a source of comfort for the users. If you are in the early stages of quitting smoking cigarettes, vaporizer pen or e-cigarettes are one of the best and trendiest options available today.

The best way to know if vaping is right for you is to try it yourself!

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