Vape Trends: How has Vaping Changed over the Past Year?


What’s new in vaping? The vaping industry is still relatively new and it’s been growing in leaps and bounds with intriguing trends taking center stage each year. Let’s catch-up on what’s been going on in the vaping world by looking at two major changes in the past year: the build your own coil craze and juuling.


Build Your Own Coil

The FDA’s relaxed stance on e-cigarettes has been welcomed by both manufactures and vapers, alike. It may be a contributing factor to vapers being more willing to immerse themselves in all aspects of vaping, including the use of rebuildable atomizers (RBAs).

RBAs come in two types. The first is a tank system called a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) and the second is the rebuildable drip atomizer (RDA) which uses a dripper system. RBAs make vaping a much more personal activity since vapers can build a device to match their preferred vaping experience.

With both RTAs and RDAs, vapers are allowed to set the resistance to whatever value suits them. This is appealing to many vapers who are looking for the advantages of sub ohm vaping from a low resistance coil. One of these advantages is the huge, puffy clouds which are widely popular with vapers who take part in competitive cloud chasing.

RDAs may be the go-to choice for vapers involved in cloud chasing but RTAs get points for convenience on the go. You simply fill the tank, vape and refill once its empty. Where the RTA might lose some points is in its performance and the fact that it is somewhat harder to build, since there are more parts involved.

There are some safety concerns you will have to give careful consideration to if you wish to build your own coil. The more details you get about the process, the more likely you will be satisfied with the outcome and the less likely that you will suffer any kind of mishap.


Juuling is now a raging trend and definitely one of the biggest changes vaping has undergone in the past year. The Juul (pronounced “jewel”) is a brand of e-cigarette from the American company PAX Labs. The company introduced Juul to the vaping market in 2015 but it has only now caught on among vapers.

The Juul is much smaller than a regular e-cigarette and its discrete size contributes to the popularity it is enjoying. Other reasons are the fact that the Juul can be charged in a laptop’s USB slot, making it even more inconspicuous, as it has the look of an ordinary flash drive while charging.

The many flavors in which the Juul is available also contribute to its huge following. Some of the more exotic flavors are cool cucumber, crème brulee and mango. As far as nicotine-content goes, one Juul pod can contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

The world of vaping is evolving daily, leaving industry watchers and vapers eagerly anticipating the next “big thing.” Juuling and RBAs are two of the latest trends, and now we’re all asking, “What’s next?”

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