Unique Holiday Dinner Party Ideas


holiday dinner partyIf you want to organize a grand holiday dinner party, you simply have to ensure that food items of the finest quality are present on the menu. You can also surprise the guests with a fusion menu. Pick some of the most well-known dishes from various European countries and enjoy the appreciative murmurs of friends and relatives.


A dinner party should ideally begin with soups and starters. Give your guests the option to choose from a variety of soups.

Classic Minestrone – This is an Italian soup that includes pasta, beans and fresh vegetables, along with the other ingredients. To enhance its taste, the soup should be prepared a day in advance, and refrigerated. Serve it hot during the party with chopped parsley and grated Parmesan cheese.

Tortellini soup – Tortellini soup is another famous Italian preparation. You can have chicken and/or an assortment of vegetables in the soup, along with fine-quality tortellini sauce.

Greek chickpea soup – This soup is also known as Revithosoupa in Greece. Greek chickpea soup is generally prepared with cooked chickpeas and vegetables. Serve it hot, with a dollop of yoghurt or sour cream as a topping.


For starter dishes, let your guests pick and choose from a variety of antipasti:

Ricotta Antipasto – Ricotta Antipasto is a very simple yet tasty dish. It is prepared with ricotta cheese, black pepper, olive oil and freshly grated zest of lemons.

Pesto – Pesto is another delicious pre-meal dish, made of basil leaves, toasted nuts, olive oil and grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Pinzimonio – Vinaigrette- This antipasto dish is made with artichokes, celery stalks, olive oil, carrots and other vegetables.

Antipasti Platter – It is an easy-to-make starter item. You can cook it with meat, Parmigiano-Reggiano, marinated olives and Pinzimonio.

Insalata Caprese – This dish is prepared with thickly sliced tomatoes, mozzarella balls, basil leaves and olive oil.

Barbeque vegetable antipasti– A lot of ingredients are used to prepare this yummy dish, like courgette, peeled aubergine, olive oil, peeled butternut squash and cooked sweet corn cob. It serves as perfect appetizer for the main course. This is perfect for a Quinceanera and don’t forget to get spectacular Houston Quinceanera Invitations.


Once you are done with the soups and starters, you can start serving the main course items. Allow your guests to choose from a variety of dishes:

pizza holiday dinner partyPizza – Pizza, the most famous Italian dish, is ideal for any traditional European dinner parties. Since Margherita is the most popular variety of pizza, you can easily include it in the menu.  Serve tasty and light Margherita pizza with varied, tasty toppings.

Pastitsio – Pastitsio is a famous Greek food that is made with baked pasta, with meat filings. A layer of creamy bechamel sauce is generally used as the topping. This dish is considered by many as ‘Greek lasagna’. You can bring in a distinct Italian flavor with this Greek dish, wowing your guests in the process.

Green Bean Casserole – Green bean casserole, with tomatoes and olive oil, is also known as Fassolakia Freska (in Greek). This delicious vegetable dish is likely to find uniform favor among all classy food-lovers.

Grilled Barossa Black Angus Thai Beef Salad Recipe – Recommended without the beef, this salad will be sure to hit the spot during the holidays.


At the end of your holiday dinner party, you can start serving the desserts. Chocolate brownies and ice-creams are widely used as dessert items. You can also offer the following items:

Bread and Butter Pudding – This variety is pudding is easy to make, and has wowed food-lovers for generations. You can make it with any type of bread, and can even use white bread leftovers.

English summer pudding – If you are arranging the party during summer, get lots of summer fruits and berries to prepare this really delicious dessert for your guests.

In addition to the above dishes, you can find many more recipes and cuisines online, which can make dinner parties unique and memorable for you and your guests.

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    • Abi
    • November 18, 2012

    I always look forward to these kind of grand parties on Saturday and Sundays with my friends. We usually go for a dinner in any restaurants or one of our friends cooks. Next day I will be suggesting him “Tortellini soup”. Lets see if he can make it out. 🙂


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