The Unhealthy Side of Energy Bars


energy barSports nutrition has become a giant industry and we need not look further to get some proof about this claim. Energy bars are the products of this industry valued in billions. Energy bars like any other sport nutrition systems are designed for basically one purpose alone—to help people perform better at the gym or in competitions. But there has been a lot of buzz about the chemistry and the science about these sports nutrition supplements.

The Unhealthy Side of Energy Bars

Energy bars provide lots of benefits, but they also has a dark side. Here are some of the unhealthy secrets behind energy bars. For a healthy alternative, try the no bake vegan protein bar.

Energy Bars Lead to Indigestion

The sad part of energy bars is the fact that it is very hard to digest. The result would be disastrous to your gut. As you eat more energy bars it would cause a lot of strain to your digestive system and could lead to failure.

Energy Bars are Full of Sugar

Some energy bars would spike your energy through the clever use of sugars. Before you eat those energy bars, take time to peek at the label and the ingredients. If it is something that is loaded with calories, and most of them coming from sugar, then it is bad news. Not only can it cause a lot of inflammation in the body, but it can also make matters worse as it can cause anxiety symptoms when you experience a sugar crash due to dried up supplies of sugar in your body.

Energy Bars Have Little Nutritional Value

Most energy bars will contain sugars, potassium and sodium. The idea of energy bars lies on the principle of replacing lost nutrients due to perspiration. If this is the case you are not getting your money’s worth. Most people try to use energy bars to fuel their body and completely skip nutritious meals in an attempt to lose weight. This is a very dangerous proposition. Never attempt to use energy bars as replacement for meals as it can cause a lot of health issues down the line.

Energy Bars Are Bad for Sedentary People

If you are eating energy bars make sure that you burn what you eat. If you are just eating energy bar because you are hungry and stay at the sofa, forget it. If you are not burning the energy from the bars it will be stored by the body as fat. It can also shoot up the blood sugar levels causing inflammation which we all know can cause a lot of health problems.

Energy Bars Are Full of Sodium

Sodium is great if you are sweating. But if you are not it is bad news. It can lead to increased blood pressure and can even impact the health of your kidneys. It is a sure fire way of attracting chronic diseases which can cause a huge dent in one’s health.

Energy bars can be hard on the gut and may increase risks for non-active people because of increased sugar and sodium. Never use energy bars as food replacements as it does not carry the necessary nutrients that assure a healthy body.

Energy bars can either help you or make you vulnerable to anxiety and other illnesses. Knowledge is the key towards making the right choices when buying energy bars.

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