Understanding Body Mass Index


body mass indexAre you having problems with your weight? A lot of people are troubled about their weight and learn about it by reading the needle off the weighing scale. However, it is not an accurate reading of your body weight. The body mass index is a screening tool to give an accurate measure of weight and height. Learning your body mass index is the first step to assess the course of action as far as your weight problems are concerned.

BMI or body mass index is a tool to tell if there is a need to modify the lifestyle in order to preserve health. People that have high BMI are prone to become obese which is very dangerous to the health. People that have been eating the wrong foods, under a lot of anxiety and stress and even those who live sedentary lifestyles can become obese and open up to a lot of health risks. There are a lot of more accurate ways to weigh people but the BMI is the fastest and cheapest way without much fuss.

What about waist size?

Waist size is another great indicator of obesity. Men that have a 40-inch waist and women that have more than 35-inch waist line are said to be at risk to contract obesity. It raises the risk of having diabetes, heart disease and even hypertension. It is best to know how to accurately tell the weight in order to know when it is time to have a paradigm shift in lifestyle to help lower the weight to normal and healthy levels.

Why does it matter?

BMI is not perfect. People with heavy muscle mass tend to have high BMI but they are not considered obese. BMI, though, is a good check for reality since BMI is used to establish if they are under or over the healthy weight range. Pregnant people are going to get a lot of benefit from BMI since it can give an indication on how much a healthy weight gain should be.

How do you calculate it?

BMI is calculated by determining both the height and weight. It is the same in both genders. BMI does not directly measure the amount of body fat. Body fat is more an indicator of being obese or overweight compared to just looking at the weight alone. The weight is taken in kilograms and the height is taken in meters as well. The weight is then multiplied by 704.5. The product is then divided – the quotient by the height. Divide the result by height anew.

Why is there a need to calculate?

It is important to know your BMI so you have an indicator if there is a need to reduce weight. People that are prone to health issues, suffer from anxiety and stress and those who are overweight need to check on their weight always to maintain their fitness.

The BMI does not analyze your eating habits, health and lifestyle. It is a tool to tell you an accurate picture if you need to take action to lower the body fat. This is a great way for health care professionals to tell how to evaluate your health and recommend therapies, methods and even medication to make you healthier and fitter.

Knowing about Body Mass Index is one of the ways to make you well-informed about matters that help you achieve better health and anxiety-free living.

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