Uncommon Healthy Foods that You Should Be Eating


When you are thinking of eating right it takes the right food choices to do it. People would stick to the usual suspects. Over time these can make people grow tired of the food and sooner or later people may be swayed to eating unhealthy fare just to have some variety. This is why a lot of people slack off. To make healthy eating fun it takes to have a great variety to choose from. Yet there are uncommon healthy foods that can help you expand your food choices and here are a few of them.

Coconut sugar

Wait, what? Of course your eyes went wide upon reading the word sugar. Sugar has become the public enemy of people trying to eat healthy because of its role in weight gain and chronic diseases. But coconut sugar is an exception to the rule and in fact one of the good guys. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index because it is processed simply. Coconut sugar is one way to get some sweets without making you at risk of feeling a lot of anxiety and stress over eating that is something sweet.



Okra is one of the most unusual choices for vegetables. Okra’s pods are rich in nutrients and it is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in fiber that is helpful in sweeping away the toxins from the body and help lower bad cholesterol levels that can lead to better heart health. Okra is the perfect food for people who want to reduce their weight and become healthier. Here is an idea for a Stewed Okra and Tomato recipe.

Red Cabbage

We all know that cabbage comes in one color: green. But did you know that red cabbage can also give you the same nutrients and health benefits as regular cabbage? Red cabbage is rich in vitamins A, D and K which are great to boost a sagging immune system. It is also rich in other nutrients that can assist in the blood clotting. Red cabbage is great as part of salads or eat it raw. It is also great with meat.


Kale is among the best foods to fight off cancer. In fact it is one of the top foods with the richest amounts of vitamin A. Vitamin A is important in the protection and maintenance of eyes. It can also help you have a supple-looking skin. It is also great in helping a sagging immune system. It is also a rich source of fiber and also a significant source of vitamin C. Try this exciting Kale recipe.


Edamame is a premature form of soybeans. Edamame are soybeans that were taken out while they are still attached to the branches. Young soybeans are rich in fiber and isoflavones which are types of phytochemicals that have shown great ability to stop certain cancers. Soybeans are rich in iron and other anti-oxidants.

If you are tired eating the same food over and over why not try some of these foods. It can add more variety and make eating fun and enjoyable again. It will make meal time truly something that you would look forward to.

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