Ultrasound Types


When you think about an ultrasound, you probably think of the procedure that is done to look at the baby of a pregnant woman. While this is a way that an ultrasound is performed, there are actually several different types depending on the area of the body that the doctor needs to see.

A high resolution ultrasound is often done so that the doctor can get a good look at a specific organ or the vessels and arteries in the body. This kind of ultrasound is usually done if the doctor wants to look at the appendix, gallbladder or other areas of the body that might not offer enough details on an x-ray or a typical ultrasound, especially if the doctor believes that there are health issues with these organs.


Pregnant women have an ultrasound for various reasons. The procedure is often done in the early stages of pregnancy to make sure the baby is developing as it should. If there are any issues that are seen, such as a low weight, an absence of fluid in the amniotic sac or if there are issues with the cervix, then the doctor might order another ultrasound later on to determine if the condition has corrected itself or if anything else needs to be done. An ultrasound can also be used to determine the gender of the baby. This is a happy occasion for the parents as they are able to see if the baby is a boy or a girl and to see if there is just one baby or if there are twins.

When a doctor is performing a medical procedure, he might need to use an ultrasound as guidance to make sure he doesn’t rupture an artery or a vessel and to make sure he is in the right area of the body. This is often done with biopsies so that the doctor can easily find the suspicious area. At times, the doctor might use an ultrasound in order to remove a tumor. The machine will give the doctor a better look inside the body to make sure the entire tumor is removed.

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