Types and Uses of Commercial Refrigerators


The use of commercial refrigerators is a crucial component in any type of catering operation. The reason is that it will be hard for your business to operate if you have no means of keeping your food cool thereby preserving the quality of the food.

But sometimes, it is understandable that there is a difficulty in helping the business owners to understand placing commercial refrigerators in their establishments that’s why this article is going to help you understand the uses and types of commercial refrigerators.

Different Types of Commercial Refrigerators

Below are the main reasons why your business should consider investing in a commercial refrigerator:

Reason #1 – Commercial Refrigerators have big compressors

This is an essential factor because a compressor runs almost every refrigerator there is. The compressor functions by having the gas moving around a sealed system of pipes that runs both in and out of the refrigerator. The gas is then allowed to cool inside the refrigerator thereby soaking up the excess heat before it is being carried outside.

In a commercial kitchen, the freezer or the fridge could be opened for a dozen of times a day, especially when it is being used by a busy kitchen, so every time that the refrigerator is opened, the temperature will also go up, and as the temperature goes up, this means that there is a risk of bacteria and germs multiplying within the food that is being stored in the refrigerator. This is where the compressor of a commercial refrigerator comes into play as the refrigerator’s efficiency is going to peak when temperatures are going up to 43 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the food inside the fridge is maintained thereby maintaining the integrity of the food.

Reason #2 – Commercial Refrigerators’ hinges won’t fail         

As mentioned earlier, a refrigerator in a busy kitchen is opened for a dozen times a day. If you only have a domestic refrigerator installed, chances are the hinges are eventually going to fail.

However, if you invested in a commercial refrigerator, it has a solid and also has stainless steel hinges that have been intended to withstand not just a few weeks of heavy use, but years. Also, most of these commercial refrigerators have self-closing hinges which means that the refrigerator is also closed, thereby maintaining the coolness of the temperature inside the fridge.

Reason #3 – Commercial Refrigerators are designed to be deep cleaned

The standards that are to be observed in a modern kitchen is not just high, they should be observed exactly as it is. Food poisoning is one that you should avoid in order to avoid paying damages and injuries to your customers. That is why it is important that your establishment should follow sanitary protocols.

The design of these commercial refrigerators is usually made from stainless steel which is pretty straightforward to clean and is also resistant from bacteria and infection. The shelves of the refrigerator are also easily removable and are made from tough materials that are resistant to damage preventing bacterial growth.

Reason #4 – Commercial Refrigerators enhance food quality and reduce food wastage

Because commercial refrigerators are so efficient, this means that the quality of the food are also enhanced. Usually, when the food heats up, the food is going to start to break down. But, with the food being cooled as quickly as possible, your fridge will be able to protect the call walls that are within the food, thereby preserving the crunch on your vegetables and other raw ingredients that you have stored in the refrigerator.

Types of Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial Refrigerators that Keep Cool and Merchandise

This refrigerator provides storage of a large number of bottles or cans in a non-bar commercial setting. This type of refrigerator comes in a lot of shapes and sizes with its own individual features and capacities.

There are many merchandisers that come with ventilation in the front thereby making it ideal for displaying beverages. It is built with a glass door making it easy for customers to view what beverages you have on sale, and also for your employees to manage the stock easily.

This type of commercial refrigerator is best used in retail settings where the goods can be perishable or are with near expiration dates. With the large windows on the door of the fridge, this will surely grab customer attention thereby making your stocks more likely to be sold.

Reach in Commercial Refrigerators – The Classic Commercial Unit

If you are operating a high-functioning, busy, commercial kitchen, then there is a high chance that a large reach-in refrigerator is in place. This type of commercial refrigerator is a great investment as this fridge can store a lot of different foods and drinks in a segmented and shelved interior. This works like a usual domestic refrigerator, but it is equipped with a higher power and capacity.

This type of commercial refrigerator also comes in various options. This is because you can find units that are equipped with casters in order for it to be easily moved around the kitchen, while others are equipped with glass doors instead of steel on. There are also those reach-in Dutch or double doors that allow a lot more storage space, and others have dual zones that allow half of the unit to be at a different temperature than the other half.

The Ultimate Station Commercial Refrigerators

In a typical kitchen, it will usually require prep tables and stations in order for different dishes to be served. By investing in a commercial prep table that is also equipped with refrigeration, you will get the most efficiency as there is.

There are smaller versions for sandwiches, and there are also bigger tables for a bigger area to prepare larger meals needing more room and ingredients like a pizza. As to table space, this type of commercial refrigerator is also installed with large refrigeration areas with wire shelves.

Although this type of commercial refrigerator does not have front ventilation, there is still a lot of it that is equipped with casters in order to maneuver the unit and managing space easily. Another great feature of this type of commercial refrigerator is that is has a large temperature range.

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