Turn to Bargain Hunting During Retirement

Senior couple on cycle ride in countryside

retirementYou’ve worked hard and saved, and now retirement is just around the corner. You might have big plans, be a bit nervous about this huge life transition and understandably concerned about the change in your financial status. Did you save enough? Will your nest egg take you through retirement? What lifestyle changes do you need to undergo to ensure that you can cover not only everyday essentials, but travel and emergencies? Follow some of these tips for saving and economizing during retirement.

Become a Bargain Shopper in Retirement

Using Groupon coupons for discounts on quality clothing is a great way to start. Shop the off-season sales for mark downs from the preceding season. Always buy quality instead of quantity; it will not only last longer, but it will wear much better.

Consider a membership to the big box price clubs to save on paper products and staples by buying in bulk. If you don’t have the storage room for large quantities, consider splitting the purchases with a friend.

Lots of wonderful options exist for cutting down on travel costs during retirement. Senior citizen discounts abound. Consider the huge network of senior hostels when travelling in the United States and abroad. You’ll meet lots of interesting like minded travelers and save handsomely on accommodations. Most of the major train networks also have senior citizen discounts. Traveling at night to your destination will save on not only ticket prices but will result in one less hostel or hotel stay.

Local entertainment, theaters and sports venues often have discounts for both matinees and mid week showings. One of the best ways to save money on entertainment is to create your own. Most outdoor activities are not only free, but serve to keep you active and in shape. Fitness should play a huge role in your entertainment activities during retirement. Dining with friends at home for potluck dinners requires very little extra spending, but results in lots of extra fun. Be creative, adventurous and commit to trying new things during retirement. Get outdoors, move and enjoy the freedom to pursue activities that are near and dear to you, your partner and your family.

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