Treatments for Your Crooked Teeth That Can Ruin Your Smile

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We all know the factors of a perfect smile: a set of perfectly straightened and whitened teeth that could light up the entire room. Having a great smile also helps in your everyday life, from your student days in school or even working life in the corporate world. As people tend to gravitate towards people who are well-groomed and attractive, a great smile will further enhance your confidence and appeal.

What happens if you have crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth can lead to many problems such as: headaches, jaw pain, excessive wear and tear on your teeth, unable to chew your food or talk properly, and even bad breath due to bits and pieces of food that might be stuck between the teeth, causing tooth decay. Apart from health issues, there is also the aspect of self-confidence. A person may be unwilling to smile more and may even hide their smile from public sight, due to their unsightly alignment of their teeth.

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Treating misaligned teeth

There are two main forms of treatment for crooked teeth: dental braces and Invisalign. Dental braces utilise the use of metal wires and brackets to move your teeth, which the orthodontist will tighten once every six to eight weeks. Invisalign utilises the use of 3-D computer imaging technology to fabricate your plastic aligners, which slowly helps to move your teeth into place by changing these aligners every two weeks. Invisalign is a modern technology, and there are certified orthodontists who are allowed to provide Invisalign braces in Melbourne.

Benefits of Invisalign

The benefits of Invisalign come in many forms: being able to correct your teeth in an invisible way without anyone noticing if there are unsightly metal braces, the factor of convenience by taking the aligners out before eating and putting it back on again, and even saving you the time from visiting your orthodontist. You are even able to view your entire treatment plan through the use of 3-D technology, which shows all the stages of the treatment.

Drawbacks of Invisalign

In the majority of cases, Invisalign will always cost more than dental braces, due to the time and effort taken at each stage. Patients who are forgetful may often leave their aligners out, lengthening the treatment time. In some cases, they may even lose their aligners, and replacing it would take at least a week (if no more spares are available). Some may even find it a hassle to continually remove and place it back before and after consumption of food. Certain liquids like coffee may even stain the aligners if they are not removed first.

While these two methods may differ in some way from each other, their main purpose is to realign your teeth into a straighter position. In some cases, you may require some teeth to be plucked out in order to correct your bite, and create space for the remaining teeth to shift into the intended area. Invisalign is not suitable for those who have a severe condition, so it is prudent to speak to an orthodontist about your treatment options.

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