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For most of the people, hoteling and traveling are engaging activities. Because traveling inspires us by visiting new places, meeting new people, exploring nature, and experiencing different cultures, it is in our nature. And the revelation of the internet has made it easier than before. Especially when it comes to trip planning and budgeting. Where to go? How to go? When to go? These are the questions that keep us confused. But the good news is that Travelgooru – cheap flights have brought the answers to these questions at your fingertips. searches thousands of travel agencies, airlines, and booking systems and hotels to help its customers find the best and lowest offer. Once the customer finds the best offer, Travelgooru directly connects the customer to the airline or travel agency so that the customer can make a smooth and swift transaction with the chosen travel agency or airline without any hurdle. And for these services, Travelgooru gets a small referral fee without any hidden charges. One of the main factors of satisfaction for the customer is that the whole process takes place transparently.

Travelgooru is an e-commerce service provider. It is an online travel portal which falls into the category of e-commerce business by nature. In 2005, Ashwin Damera and Ganesh Rangaswamy founded Travelgooru, while their studies at Harvard Business School Boston, United States of America. During their discussions to take part in the contest for the Harvard business plan, Ashwin Damera and Ganesh Rangaswamy came up with the idea of an online travel portal. And their business plan won second position in the contest.  It is also said that Jared Fisher had some contribution to the foundation of Travelgooru.  Being an Indian, Ashwin Damera realized the growth of e-commerce based business in India. Later a year, both founders arranged funds and launched their idea on the internet by forming Since 2012, has been operating as a 100% subsidiary of


Travelgooru Services:

Travelgooru brings all traveling necessities at your fingertips. Travelgooru cares for its clients’ money. And every transaction is done with 100% transparency.  Prices on the site are exactly those which you have to pay to get your booking confirmed for flights, hotels or rental cars. There are no hidden or extra charges. Transparency is one of the main professional behaviors that Travelgooru offers its clients.

Hotel Booking Services:

Travelgooru knows every step of safe and smooth traveling, and Travelgooru starts with its customers from the first step of traveling. It begins with a flight booking. It searches thousands of airlines and compares prices from over 700 airlines to show its customers the best offer. It helps the customer to save up to 60% on flights. The AirHelp feature allows customers to know the exact compensation that a customer can claim in case of flight delay, overbooking, or cancellation reasons.  A customer just needs to fill the dates of departure and destination with the return dates along with numbers of passengers, and on one click, it is done. The results will show all the information, discounts, deals, and reservations available.

Flight Booking Services:

Travelgooru searches thousands of hotels and compare prices against all the top travel sites so that a customer can find the best deal to save up to 60%. Travelgooru has gathered information from more than 112 hotels and booking agencies, which helps a traveler to find a cheap as well as a reasonable place to stay.

Rental Car Services:

The third step for a traveler is how to commute. Travelgooru gives its customers the best results after comparing over 800 rental car companies at over 25000 rental points worldwide.  It provides safe, cheap, and easy to access traveling facility and saves up to 60%. Travelgooru guarantees authentic and reliable rental service providers at the ground like Europcar car rental services. The primary purpose of Travelgooru is to widen the inspiration of traveling by providing cheap hotels, cheap and reliable car rental services at their vacation destination.


Travelgooru is not just doing the business of providing the best traveling online-based services; it is also playing a vital role in the e-commerce industry in India. If somebody needs to learn traveling, then it’s Travelgooru. It proves and demonstrates how to do traveling across the world at the fingertips.

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