Top Winter Recipes for Dieting in Colder Spells


There’s no time like winter for warm, hearty food. During those dark and frosty months, what could be more blissful than slipping into a woolly jumper and tucking into a steaming hot vegetarian w? At least until you jump on the scales and glimpse those extra pounds. Then it’s back to icy salads, right? No. Why not try these top recipes for winter warmers? They’ll put the fire in your belly with just a sprinkling of calories. Winter recipes should be warming for the body and soul, however this doesn’t mean they need to be full of unhealthy ingredients. One important tip to consider is to incorporate a wide range of winter vegetables which will mean your recipes are filling and varied whilst still being healthy. Here are some of the top winter recipes to stay warm and healthy:

Top Winter Recipes: Cauliflower Cottage Cheese Casserole

Cauliflower is the ideal meat substitute. Intense with flavor and crunchy in texture, it has zero fat and is rich in vitamin C, while cottage cheese only contains about 2.5g of fat per 100g. So for anybody on a low carb, low fat diet, cauliflower cottage cheese is a lean recipe fit for a big appetite. This recipe can also be made in large quantities and used for multiple meals or lunches which, may mean a welcome break from the usual sandwiches.

Top Winter Recipes: Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges

Top Winter Recipes Roasted Sweet Potato WedgesSweet potato is packed with fiber  vitamin A and contains only half the calories of a white potato. Plus, roasting unleashes its succulent sweet gusto, making it a tantalizing comfort food to snack on. Sweet potato fries are becoming a common substitute for French fries in a lot of burger bars. When making sweet potato wedges you will need to avoid flavoring the wedges with a lot of oil or seasoning. One way to increase the flavor could be to use spices and herbs.

Top Winter Recipes: Pumpkin Stew

Pumpkin brings flavor and color and stews can be another great dish for work lunches and are extremely warming also they are handy dishes to quickly heat up after a long day at work and can help curb the risk of snacking while waiting for a meal to be ready.

Top Winter Recipes: Lentil and Butternut Squash Soup

Nothing spells winter warmer like a hearty lentil dish. And this lentil and butternut squash soup is packed with enough fiber to satisfy a healthy appetite, and B vitamins to beat winter fatigue. Lentils are incredibly healthy and are a great ingredient to incorporate into your diet as they offer high protein levels and can work to lower cholesterol. You could also try a nice vegetable comfort soup.

Top Winter Recipes: Baked Spiced Pears

Last but not least, it’s dessert. Spiced pears are a flavorful winter warmer, packed with fiber and potassium, but low in calories. Winter desserts can be spruced up with the addition of yogurt or sprinkles of healthy cereal.

Winter recipes don’t need to be full of fat to be warming. Winter meals should be viewed as an opportunity to widen your ingredient list and try out new healthy foods and make the most of seasonal foods. Avoid dieting disasters this winter be trying out some of the above healthy recipes.

This post is written by the folks at Goodtoknow Diets, the experts in low calorie diets and lifestyle advice.

    • Zailon
    • September 30, 2014

    i’m trying this today, last time it was deiouilcs. But i know i’m somehow going to make a fool of myself, but, is there any way to integrate mushrooms into this?. Make a mushroom cheese sauce and then broil it with breadcrumbs?

    • Choedon
    • September 30, 2014

    something most of these food videos cpllmeteoy leave out is WHY each ingredient is added to the it for texture? is it for the salty, sweet, sour flavour? why cook it for that time? do you add all the ingredients at once or what are the timings for each?what does each ingredient bring to the completed product and how does it relate to all the others ..

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