Top Fitness Myths Busted!


Every fitness regime is backed by certain set of myths that would badly affect the success of your workout. These myths exist since ages and that is the reason why most of them are perceived to be true. Though these myths cannot be completely ruled out, some reality check would help you to tackle them well.

Myth – 1 Sweating is the measure for fat burning

No, sweating cannot be used as the measure for your exercise. You may sweat more in summers or while carrying out the exercise outdoors, but that would never mean that you have burnt more calories. Sweating due to heat is the natural cooling mechanism of the body and have nothing to do with calorie burning. Use time, distance, and calorie meter to measure your workout.

Myth – 2 Run on pavement or asphalt and not on treadmill to reduce knee impact

Knee impact would be there whether you run on pavement or treadmill. The impact on knee is resulted from the stress caused on joints due to body weight and would be almost same irrespective of the surface. If you continue with the same workout for long time then you are straining the same joint and that is the reason for the problem. Indulge into mix workout to minimize impact.

Myth – 3 Have sports drink after workout

Sports drink is recommended to replenish the electrolytes after heavy workout that should be at least more than an hour. For lighter workouts, you should avoid drinking sports drink as it will add unnecessary calories to your body and sometimes even more than what you would burn during a workout!

Myth – 4 Weights are only for men

Weight training is meant for muscle toning. Lifting weight is the part of workout as it builds muscles, burns fat, and builds stamina. Women also need to undergo weight training in order to get the well-sculpted body. They may use lighter weights as compared to men.

Myth – 5 Protein shakes and bars can fulfill your body’s protein needs

Your body needs protein to build muscles. Rigorous workout may wear out muscles and body if not backed by protein. There are no shortcuts allowed for protein intake and you cannot fulfill the protein need of your body with protein shakes and bars. They have too much of sugar and calorie content that may not be good for your health. Opt for natural protein supplements and sources to get the pure protein and nothing else.

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Myth – 6 Stretch a bit to recover

Stretching at the end of any workout will make you feel good. The muscles worked up during the exercise session would get gentle pull to get back their elasticity. Stretching also works for stopping the lactic acid building up at the joints to some extent. You may use stretching moves after rigorous workout to comfort your joint and muscles, however that won’t aid for complete recovery unless clubbed with proper warmup before starting the workout.

Working out your way to fitness is always recommended by the health experts. Eliminate the above myths from your workout routine and you will be able to double the benefit.

Author Bio: Karishma has been writing articles for many health blogs, spices, herbs and fitness websites. She has contributed her work for She loves to implement most of these natural health remedies in her life too.

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