Tips for Avoiding Volleyball Injuries


Volleyball players are at a high risk for injury due to their quick movements and potential for awkward landings. One area of a player’s body that can really suffer from the game is the knees. While strengthening the knees and stretching prior to playing can have a positive impact on the amount of injuries incurred, that is not all that needs to be done. Players in all positions put their knees at risk with dives, slides, and falls as they go after the ball. In addition to floor burns, bumps and bruises can also occur. However, on a more serious scale, a player can experience muscular tears and ligaments sprains when they hit the floor at high impact or in an awkward manner. In fact, the injury can be so detrimental that a volleyball player finds themselves scheduled for surgery to repair the damage, as well as having to go through extensive rehabilitation to get back to par. The best way to protect this region is to invest in knee pads. This kind of protective gear offers coverage of the knee while providing shock absorption. Make sure the fit is snug and that it is in the proper size to reduce the risk of injuries acquired without this type of gear. For more information on types of common injuries that can plague volleyball players as well as proper preventative gear, check out this infographic.


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