Three Simple Ways to Bond With Your Loved One in Recovery


Caring for someone who is in recovery for addiction is an important step to take in life. Those suffering from addiction can feel very alone in life, especially if they’ve experienced loss along with their addiction or have gone through other life changes that can affect their wellbeing and happiness. Adults suffering from addiction are prone to many life changes, including changes in their daily life due to loss of a job, changes that occur if they are facing additional medical conditions or feelings of depression or anxiety.

Here are 3 ways to show your loved one how much you care as they are on the road to recovery. Whether they’re living at home, moving in with you, or moving into a rehab facility like, these are ways that you can stay close to your loved one and improve their mood. Nobody deserves to feel alone.

Go for a walk

Something as simple as going for a walk can transform someone’s day. Taking a nice walk or stroll, if the person can comfortably walk, can improve a person’s mood drastically. Being outside in nature, even if it’s just a quick stroll, is a change of scenery if someone is used to staying indoors or spend lots of time undergoing treatment. Going on a walk also allows you and your loved one to casually chat. Even if you don’t have anything specific to talk about, a casual chat is a great way to connect.


Share a meal

Eating a nice meal together is another way to bond and relax together. You can cook a homemade meal, which would be a nice treat for your loved one. Plus, if they have certain dietary needs or restrictions, you can plan a meal that is suitable for their diet and health conditions. Or, if it’s possible to go to a restaurant, that is a nice way to treat them to a good meal without the effort of having to buy groceries, plan the meal, and cook it. Of course, there’s always the option to order take out and enjoy a meal at home. If your loved one is currently staying at a rehab facility, a nice meal is a great way to change up their normal schedule of eating the food provided by the facility.

Reminisce on good times

There are many ways to reminisce on old times. You can scroll through photo albums or have old photos printed, and spend the time looking through them and recalling old stories. This is a great idea if your loved one has fond memories of their childhood or earlier years. Many families have memorabilia that has been passed down over the years. If you have any special items that bring back memories, that can be a great way to spark joy and remind your loved ones of brighter days.

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