Three Advantages to Having a Dental Implants Versus Dentures or a Bridge

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If you are missing one or more teeth, there are several options available to you; however, it is the option of a dental implant that has the most advantages to other forms of artificial teeth such as bridges and dentures. The following are a few of them.

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You will have a better bite
This is especially true if you have several implants in the front of your mouth. Dentures are notorious for having a poor bite with certain foods. For this reason, there are denture adhesives that can keep your dentures from slipping when you bite into something such as an apple. You will not experience this issue with implants. The posts for these teeth go deep into your gums, just as the root of a real tooth does. This also means your teeth will never slip out of your mouth when your head is suddenly jarred as it is in a fall, or you bump your head.

Easier cleaning
You can clean your implants just as you would your real teeth. Dentures can accumulate food particles just as real teeth can, and they can also stain, so they often must be soaked in a denture cleaning material. You never have to remember to do this with implants, and equally important,you don’t have to remember to put them back in after they are clean. It is easy to forget that you don’t have your dentures in unless you are eating or drinking. Also, because your implants are permanent teeth, you will have no chance of breaking them the way dentures can break, when they are not in your mouth.

Helps to keep your other teeth in place
If you have some natural teeth in your mouth and decide on having implants for the missing teeth, these implants will keep your other teeth from moving over time. The teeth in your mouth keep each other from moving out of place. If you have missing teeth and decide on a bridge, over time your teeth can shift. This will not happen with implants. In addition to your bite, you will not have any problem with the fit of your teeth. An implant is designed to function and fit the same as your natural teeth. This is a big improvement over the problems with false teeth, and the fitting issues that many people have with them.

Before you decide on getting a set of dentures or a bridge, you should consider the advantages of dental implants. There are several dental offices in greenwood village colorado that can provide you with more information.

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