Things Pet Owners Do That Drive Vets Crazy


This might be a tough subject to tackle, and while it is true that vets do a lot of annoying things as well, this article is all about you (in general). However, this does not mean that you should not take your pet to the vet, even if you are one of the following people, and you should definitely settle for a professional West Lindfield vet such as Gordon Vet.

Answering your cell

This should be obvious enough, but in case you did not know it can be quite annoying and disrespectful to the vet if you answer your phone while he is talking about the illness of your pet. When it is your pet’s turn to get examined, just turn off your phone and check it when you are done.

Bring children

While this is not always the case, it definitely ranks up at the top of the list. The reason behind this is not that vets dislike children, they would just not want to take care of your pets and children at the same time. This applies mostly to very young or misbehaved kids, since it is hard to keep pets safe, and much less kids.

young girl
If you can’t handle your kids, don’t bring them along to the vet

Unless your children are old enough to understand the simple do’s and don’ts, then they should stay at home. One exception is if your pet has an emergency and there is nobody you can call to take care of your kids. If you call ahead, some vet hospitals will assign their staff to look after your kids while you are with your pet.

Let your pets roam free

One thing to keep in mind is that this is not a dog park, thus your pets should be on a leash or in a cage. It would be a disaster if everyone just let their dogs run around, especially since a lot of bad things can happen if just one of the dogs tends to be aggressive towards other animals.

Keep your pets on a leash or in a stroller


Carry the cat

This is one strange subject since some people think it is okay to carry their cats to the vet hospital without any carriers. This would be okay if the vet hospital only takes care of cats, but you need to keep in mind that there will be a lot of dogs there as well, which can cause trouble.

Stop denying

What is the point of denying the obvious problem that your vet states? My pet is not fat. No, her claws are not too big. No, he is too old for surgery. Just stop, and face the obvious facts that will help your pet recover.

Refusing payment

This is a problem that happens way too often, where the owners would agree to a treatment or hospitalization, but in the end, they refuse to pay. Most vet hospitals actually allow you to pay when you can; this can all be discussed with your vet.

Final word

It is very important that you follow through with your vet’s orders because they benefit your pet. However, since veterinarians can also be very bad mannered, you should search for a trusted North Ryde veterinary hospital like Gordon Vet, that cares about you as much as they do about your furry friends.

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