The Benefits of a Boot Scooter


Previously, disabled individuals had to face a lot of troubles. Getting around from one place to another was an insurmountable task, especially for those who didn’t have the use of their legs. However, with the advancements in technology, new and improved mobility scooters have been introduced around the UK. A mobility scooter is a small, three-wheeled scooter that can easily support the weight of a disabled individual. These scooters are primarily used around the world by people who are overly obese as well as by those who are physically impaired and cannot walk properly.


For such people, even simple movements such as moving around their property is difficult. However, thanks to a mobility scooter, moving around the country is very easy. First of all, you should know that these scooters are extremely easy to use. There’s virtually no learning curve whatsoever. You just need to understand the basics of moving the scooter handle around and accelerating to get it going. The speeds are slow enough to prevent major accidents, but also not so slow that a person would feel like they are literally crawling on the pavement. Renting a boot scooter makes a lot of sense for people who are recovering from a long-term injury but don’t want to spend all of their time in bed. In the UK, domestic firms such as Mobility Direct North offer a wide variety of boot scooter hire services. Whether you want to rent the scooter for a few months or just need it for a couple of weeks or so, the company can arrange the rental for you. Here are just some of the many reasons why renting a boot scooter is so beneficial.

Storage Space

One of the clearest benefits of renting a boot scooter is the fact that it has a small storage space at the back. This makes it easy for disabled individuals to travel to their local supermarket and purchase whatever they require. You can just keep it in the storage space on the scooter and bring it back home. There’s also a small basket out in the front that you can use for storing your essentials while travelling.


Arguably one of the biggest reasons why you should consider renting a boot scooter is because they are extremely practical. Boot scooters are also commonly known as foldable scooters around the country. These are quite lightweight and can be folded up and stored in the boot of your car when not in use. Thus, if you are travelling to any other place with a disabled individual, you can just take their scooter along.

Compared to the other big and bulky scooters that you might see around the country, boot scooters are generally a better choice. You can check out the different boot scooters available at Mobility Direct North by visiting their website and going through the Products tab. Making a rental is also quite easy. You simply need to pay a small advance up front and a security deposit to take possession of the scooter.

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