Teaching Your Child Healthy Eating Habits

Teaching Your Child Healthy Eating Habits


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Education is the reason why adults today struggle with their health. You can add the fact that there is virtually no healthy eating habits cultivated during childhood. Never let your children commit the same mistake that your parents did by teaching them healthy eating habits. These habits that they will keep for the rest of their lives may be the ticket that they will enjoy in having longer lifespans. Here are some health tips that you can do in order to teach your children how to eat smart.

Tips for for Teaching Your Child Healthy Eating Habits

Be a good example

Children often take the lead from their parents. If their parents eat a lot of fast-food you can expect the children to do the same. Why would you impose on a child something that you would not do? If you are going to teach a lesson to your children make sure that you are not the first violator. Eat what is good so that the child can learn from your example.

Go to the grocery together

While it is a less hassle for you to do the grocery alone, it will not help when you are trying to teach a child how to eat right. Cultivating healthy eating habits start with the kind of foods that you choose to buy. When you buy a lot of processed foods over real food it sends a wrong signal to the child. You are teaching that processed food is okay and there is nothing that is wrong in eating food that are potentially hurtful to the health and could also cause anxiety symptoms if left unabated.

Show some flexibility

When teaching kids how to healthily eat right you need to show some flexibility. Try to impress on them that eating some foods should not be a problem as long as it is consumed in moderation. Try to tell them a chocolate bar is good as long as you eat only a certain portion. If they want to have some peanut butter tell them it is okay as long as they don’t eat more than a tablespoon.

Make dinner exciting

kid friendly green beansDinner is the only meal where the entire family can be present. That is why you need to make an extra effort to make it exciting. Children should savor their food and you as a parent should make the whole occasion worth looking forward the next time around. Just never allow the meal time to be a debate or an opportunity to have an argument. Try these kid friendly green beans or this kid friendly green smoothie.

Never use food as rewards

If you reward the child with candies, that is already doing a disservice to their health. Try to use other non-food rewards to appreciate their good deeds and efforts. You can give them savings bonds if they did a splendid job. Tell them that they can have the money in some future time because it can grow more.

It does not take a rocket scientist to really figure out how to teach children the value of healthy eating. You just need to take your imagination and let it soar. Remember your children’s health is at stake here.

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