Talking Someone into Going to Rehab


Going to a rehab like Elevations Health can completely change a person’s life. Many lives are wasted because people refuse to seek the help they need for their drug or alcohol habit. You might be in a position where you have a person who is close to you who is struggling with a very serious addiction. If this is the case, you need to take action before you lose this person forever. Unfortunately, there are many people who are conflicted about what they should do in a situation like this. Here is how you can go about convincing a friend or loved one to seek out the professional help they so desperately need.


1. Talk about their family

An addict’s family suffers tremendously as they watch helplessly as their loved one spirals downward. It is important at this time to remind the addict that he or she has many people in their life who love them. They need to understand that they do not need to go through this alone. Their family will be there to support them every step of the way. This type of love and support from an addict’s family is essential to help the addict keep fighting and to never lose hope. It is common for addicts with no family to give up trying to kick their habit because they have nobody to get clean and sober for. Tell the addict in your life that your family would be devastated if they lost him or her. This might be enough to get them to see the light and seek treatment.

2. Talk about their job

Your loved one who is an addict might have a job that he or she worked very hard to obtain. You can use this fact as ammunition to get this person to check into rehab. Remind the person of all the years that he or she spent going to college. Talk about all of the late nights studying and all of the papers this person had to write in order to graduate and earn a degree. Then you can talk about all of the overtime and long hours they had to put in so their boss would notice them. The addict needs to remember all of the sacrifices that he or she made during the slow and difficult climb up the ladder to get the position they are currently in. Basically, you need the addict to realize that it would be foolish to throw their job away after all of the time and effort that it took them to get it. What is W-18? It is a designer drug that is incredibly addictive. You need to make your friend or family member go to rehab immediately if he or she has an addiction to this drug.

3. Discuss religion

Religion can come into play if the addict in your life is a very religious person. You can bring up the fact that God would not want to see this person using drugs and destroying their life. Tell the person to stop and think about what God would tell them to do with their life. Putting things in this sort of context could be the key to getting a religious person to finally take the steps to seek treatment in a professional rehab facility. Religious people take their faith very seriously. Therefore, it is important to use this fact as a tool to make the person see the error of his or her ways.

4. Remind the person that they might go to jail

The fact that drugs are illegal is something that often gets overlooked when people are dealing with addicts in their life. However, it is important to remember that drugs can do much more than ruin a person’s health. They can also send the addict to jail if he or she gets caught with illegal drugs in their possession. Even an accepted drug like marijuana is still illegal in most places. Tell the addict that using drugs is not worth getting a criminal record and going to jail. This might be just the thing to make the addict start to consider rehab as a way to clean up their life.

5. Talk about their health

People who use drugs or alcohol often are usually not in the best of health. Therefore, you can bring up the fact that going to rehab will make them feel better than they have in a very long time.

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