Taking Care of Yourself on Hot Summer Days


After a long and tiring winter for many, spring is finally starting to take center stage once more. With the days warming up and the sun starting to shine more reliably, it can be easy to forget those cold spells and grey mornings that haunted everyone just a few weeks ago. But unfortunately, the perfect temperatures of spring don’t last for long. As summer approaches, many people face scorching temperatures that can actually be intense enough to lead to serious health problems if the proper precautions aren’t taken. As the sun starts ramping up this summer, it’s important for everyone to take care of themselves properly so they can enjoy the weather in style and comfort.

Staying Hydrated

It’s been said time and time again, but that doesn’t make it any less true! Drinking water throughout the day is the number one way to keep the body functioning as it should be, even in hot temperatures. The Medic Alert Foundation lists important tips that can help you stay hydrated on even the hottest days of summer. This includes eating fruits, which are a great source of vitamins and electrolytes for nutrition and refreshment, and keeping a reusable water bottle on hand for easy refilling throughout the day. Keep an eye on water intake all day long, especially if exercise or extensive time outdoors takes place.


Dehydration can actually contribute to many health problems like headaches, nausea, and exhaustion. The body doesn’t function as well when it’s dehydrated, which can make temperature regulation more difficult, too. This can lead to someone overheating, being unable to cool off again, and suffering from a heat illness accordingly. In short, keeping an eye on that water intake can make the difference between a bad summer day and a great one.

Rest, Rest, Rest

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are very real problems that many people face, especially if they spend time working outdoors in the hottest months of summer. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration even has a brochure aimed at workers to help them avoid heat stress. The importance of things like having a shady area to rest and cool water to drink from frequently are both emphasized. In some cases, however, it may simply be too hot to continue working outdoors even with all of the proper precautions in place. A person should know their limits and turn in for the day – or at least until a cooler part of the day – if the work environment is getting too dangerous for work to continue.

Indoors Is Not Necessarily Better

The risk of heat stroke or illness also applies to people who live without air conditioning. Temperatures indoors can still be blisteringly hot, even if it’s not in direct sunlight. Take steps to reduce the amount of heat in the building by avoiding use of the stove or oven. Taking periodic cool baths may also help keep the body temperature down to a manageable degree. Avoid strenuous activity wherever possible and take naps as frequently as necessary. Consider alternative methods of cooling the home down, as well, such as electric fans or portable air conditioners that can be used on a room-to-room basis.

Dress for the Weather

Light colors and outfits made of breathable material with loose-fitting cuts can be a person’s best friend in hot weather. Stores like tobi offer a wide variety of dresses and other trendy summer pieces, which are the perfect marriage of function and fashion once temperatures start climbing up into the higher range. Select outfits that reflect personal style without compromising health. It also helps to plan an outfit ahead of time. Know whether an event will take place indoors or outdoors, how much time will be spent in any location, and whether or not direct exposure to sunlight will be possible. Don’t forget the sunscreen, too!

Plan Ahead

Don’t be caught off guard without water or in a hot outfit on one of the most sweltering days of the year! Keep an eye on the forecast. Know the temperature for the day before leaving the house. Keep tabs on where the day’s events will be taking place. Always pack water and know where the shady spots are. By knowing what to expect, summer heat can be tackled with a cool head.

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