Taking a Vegan Foodie Road Trip Across Texas


There is no denying that Texas is a meat-loving state. Known for their love of barbequed ribs and steak, chili and meat-filled burgers and tacos, it may be hard to believe that Texans readily embrace a range of vegetarian dishes as well. As an adventures vegan foodie,taking a cross-state road trip in search of the best vegan offerings in Texas is an absolute must. Not only are you bound to cross paths with an array of very interesting individuals, but you will also undoubtedly discover some of the best plant-based cuisines the Lone Star State has to offer. Regardless of where you start and finish your road trip, you are bound to spend time in the three largest cities in the state: Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas.  


Head on over to Houston

Although Houston won’t be renamed the Vegan capital of the USA anytime soon, you will still be privy to a great selection of vegan offerings. Local Foods has 4 outlets in Houston and offers a selection of vegan fare including delicious vegan sandwiches, curried tofu, and countless salads that are made on order. If you are a fan of authentic Indian cuisine, head on over to Govinda’s where you will have the very difficult task of choosing between a mixed veg curry, saag paneer, samosas, rosti, and an extensive range of salads.  

Feast like a Mexican in San Antonio 

San Antonio is known for its mouth-watering offerings of authentic Mexican cuisine. Luckily there are ample vegan choices available as well that you can indulge in while on your road trip. Viva Vegeria is a vegan and gluten-free Tex-Mex restaurant that offers foodies freshly-prepared authentic Mexican cuisine. The menu includes veggie tacos, spinach & kale  enchiladas, ‘buffalo wings’ made from cauliflower, hot tamales and even kombucha to quench your thirst. If not everyone in your traveling party is vegan, La Panaderiamay be the answer to your dilemma. The family-run bakery and coffee shop boasts a varied menu of filled with home-baked breads and pastries, many of which are vegetarian and vegan friendly. They are also known for their superb coffees, with an almond-milk option available for individuals who do not consume animal products.

Don’t doubt Dallas

Dallas is a lot more vegan-friendly than what most people will imagine. An absolute must-visit is Spiral Diner, a 50’s style all-vegan diner that offers a large variety of delicious vegan fare served in a quaint set-up. Not only can you indulge in tasty delicacies such as a mushroom-capped burger, a seitan-based sandwich, tortilla chips served with  salsa, vegan cheese, and guacamole and a variety of desserts. The diner also boasts a small shop area where you can buy everything from t-shirts to a variety of deli items. If you didn’t grab dessert at The Spiral, head on over to the brand-new Azucar Ice Cream Company that offers vegan customers a variety of tantalizing ice creams and sorbets.

Don’t forget to check your vehicle

Once you have mapped out all your road-trip destinations, you need to ensure your vehicle won’t let you down along the way.  Without a reliable vehicle chances are you won’t even make it to your first highly-anticipated foodie destination. Take the time to check everything from your fluids and tires to your windows and your brakes to ensure you and your travel companions remain safe on the roads of Texas. If you don’t have the confidence to check your vehicle yourself, rather have a mechanic service it for you prior to your departure.  

Once your car is checked, the luggage packed in the trunk, and your cooler box filled with yummy vegan snacks for the road, you are ready to commence on the foodie road trip of a lifetime. You are bound to be pleasantly surprised about all the beautiful vegan-memories you can make in one of the biggest meat-eating states in the USA.

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