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Spring Is In The Air! Add More Spring to Your Step

The season of spring is when things awaken, come alive again and start to bloom. This is a good time for us to think about creating that feeling in our bodies too. Every season, we want to have more energy and springtime is a great time to kick it off! Here are some quick tips […]


The Healing Wonders of Garlic

Garlic is regarded as a lowly spice in our kitchen. But don’t let its small stature fool you. The garlic is one of nature’s best healers. There are a lot of healing wonders that has been attributed to it. Garlic is filled with nutrients and enzymes that can help the body achieve great health and […]


Why Wait to Lose Weight? Some Easy Tips to Help Tip the Scale

Most of us have tried to lose weight at one time or another. For some of us, it seems like one ongoing diet during our lifetime. If you've been struggling with your weight, don’t give up! Being at your optimal weight or even losing a few pounds can help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk […]


Don’t Take This With a Grain of Salt

Reducing salt intake has become a focus of many health campaigns. Why should we reduce it in our food? Salt (sodium chloride) is a main seasoning for most people. However, sodium increases the risk of high blood pressure, which is a major source of heart disease and stroke. We each have the choice and power […]


Healthy Eyes Equal a Healthy You

Romantics have always considered the eyes to be the window to the soul, and you never heard Shakespeare writing about Romeo gazing into Juliet’s eyes and telling her that she has liver disease, but medical experts now think that that would have been the much more likely scenario (well, provided Romeo was a doctor…). Ophthalmologists […]

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