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Zumba: Not Your Same Traditional Fitness Routine

Tired of the same repetitive fitness workout over and over? Why don’t you change up your sweat routine and try a little dancing. Yes, dancing! Dancing is a great workout and in honor of National Dance Day on July 28th, I have a great fitness class that will work your entire body and will get […]


TRX Training: A Total Body Workout

Hello BerryRipe readers! Lauren here. I love fitness and exercise and trying new group exercise classes. I will post articles about new fitness crazes going on and different exercise classes that I have tried. Also, I will post different exercises that will help you get the results you want! But the topic today is that […]


Improve Your Workout in 3 Easy Steps

There’s no question, working out is hard and sometimes it’s hard to see the payoff. So we’re always looking for ways to optimize and improve each and every workout. Here just 3 easy steps that when combined, will give you a significant boost in your workout. 1. Drink coffee before you workout. Crazy right? Who […]

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