Supporting a Friend With a Baby in Intensive Care


When you have a friend whose baby is hospitalized with a serious condition, it can be difficult to know how to be there for them. A child’s illness can cause a time of intense emotion and stress for a family, and offering a helping hand or a listening ear can mean the world to your friend facing this difficult time. Even if you do not know exactly what to say to your friend about the situation, some simple things can show just how deeply you care.

Offer To Run Errands

Your friends may need you to pick up food for them if they are spending large amounts of time at the hospital. They may also need you to check on things at their house or pick up mail. When parents are waiting to hear from a neonatal surgeon Austin about their child’s condition, they may be anxious about going to sleep and missing a call. You can offer to sit at the hospital with them while they rest and wake them up for any calls or doctor drop-ins.

Listen to Their Concerns

Sometimes people just need to be able to voice their concerns in a safe environment. When your friend’s child is facing a life-threatening condition and is in the Austin Pediatric Surgery unit, it can be so stressful on your friend that he or she does not know how to react. Although you may be at a loss at how to comfort them, just being there to listen and offer support can be invaluable.

Make a Care Package

A care package for the parents of a sick child does not have to be elaborate or even expensive. Snacks, warm blankets or socks and change for vending machines are small things that go a long way to show that you care. Anything that can make an extended hospital stay feel more homey is valuable to the family members and can help make their day a little more bearable.

Having a sick child is a terrible ordeal, but with friends who are willing to be supportive and thoughtful, the situation can be less overwhelming. If you have a friend or family member going through this wearying time, consider how the small things that you do can make a positive impact. Your kind actions will not soon be forgotten and can help the parents and family members find the strength to get through another day.

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