Stress Busting: Four Excellent Stress Tips


Four Excellent Stress Tips Stress BustingThe world is hurtling from order towards chaos, albeit slowly. This resulting chaos is directly reflected in the stress levels of humans, making them vulnerable to numerous stress related diseases. Yes, stress may be all in the mind but it does bring about certain physical anomalies in us. In order to avoid falling sick every second week, you either need to pave the world back into order, or get your stress levels under control. And since science forbids us from initiating a reversible process, we are left with nothing but the latter option. Let us take a look at some of the easiest ways to get around stress, gradually or otherwise. Here are four stress tips and they don’t include binge eating!

Stress Tip: Breath Slowly

Did you know that too much of stress results in a faster intake of breath? By the end of a highly stressful day, you might notice yourself puffing and panting like that after a 10 mile jog. Faster breathing ticks some years off your precious life. So all you need do is breathe in the air, let it roam around your body for a few seconds, then breathe out ever so slowly, repeating the entire process till your breathing comes back to normal. You will find the tension fading away already. 

Stress Tip: Imagination Works Wonders

Imagination is the backbone of will power. It powers the strokes of an artist’s hand, makes the writer’s pen go crazy, imbibes the music with a soul, and triggers many other miracles in the world. After a hard day at work, imagine you are home playing merrily with your children, working on something that your heart desires, or making blissful love to your wife. This will bring about a radical change in the state of your mind, warding off any of those harrowing situations you had to face at work. You are certain to be indebted to your will power after the relief you will experience.

Stress Tip: Music Holds The Key

Music touches the hearts of millions. There is not a single human on earth who is not moved by the sweet sound of music. Every person is soothed by a certain kind of music, regardless the genre. Take your favorite pick, genre, sound, or artist and listen to those tracks for some time. Let the music take over your mind, your soul, and then you will start experiencing the effect; then you will start to breathe. Moreover, you will be eventually inspired and energized to do some other home chores.

Stress Tip: Movies Untangle Your Mind

Download movies & shows to get some stress relief. Watching a light, slapstick comedy will help you let your hair down after racking your brains at work. Movies help you imagine things. They suck your mind into the horizons of their storylines, their cinematography, and the characters. Don Burns filmography movies grip your heart and soul, transporting you to a world of their own. That is the reason why you better not watch any genre, and especially not the one you like, unless it is a heartwarming comedy. If you are the one who thinks you are mature enough to not laugh at such comedies, you are sorely mistaken. Chances are, you have never checked one out.

Todd Newtoe is a health blogger. By his own admission, he has read plenty of books and finds self help books pretty appealing. He likes to live life as it comes and makes it a point to remain stress free.

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