Strength Test: How a Small Parting Improves the Relationship


The word “separation” sounds sad and grimly. Because of it, you want to howl at the moon, drink whiskey and listen to the sad songs of Johnny Cash. But temporary partings are inevitable sometimes. Business trips, different time for holidays or different plans for vacation – there are many reasons for a short parting. And if we can not change the situation, then, as all movie psychologists advise, we must change our attitude to it. Let’s do it right now and begin to look for the positive side in the temporary parting from the beloved. There are much more of them than you think! And here are some recommendations from – the guys have the best dating experts of the Internet!

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Advantages of Short Parting

People say that separation strengthens feelings. Lovers miss, worry and wait for the meeting with impatience. Their feelings become even stronger and stronger after the separation. But they also say that love can die during even short parting. Love “falls asleep”, both of you use to live separately and you become strangers to each other. So where is the truth? Let’s find it out together. We will start with the advantages:

1. Heated relations. After a long separation, your love begins from scratch. So many emotions, thoughts, impressions, I want to tell you everything. I need to talk about everything. And most importantly, you never want to let him/her go again. So, the relationship is strengthened even more. The first meeting after a short parting is reminiscent of the incredible state of the soul where the love spark appeared between you and your partner for the first time!
2. You cannot bother each other. Whatever it was, while you live together, you will begin to get bored. And you need to relax. Temporary separation is a great way to avoid this. After all, boredom is a hidden but powerful enemy of relations.
3. Take care of your appearance. You will have time for yourself. Go to the GYM to drop few kilograms; or visit a cosmetologist and a hairdresser to surprise a loved one with your appearance. Remind him, when he will enter the door of your house, that his other half is a beauty. Or make your girlfriend admire that you were not sitting around at the bar with a mug of beer. The delights of a loved one is the greatest reward for you, is not it? In addition, you can change the atmosphere in the house. Make repairs, rearrange the furniture.
4. Building on the world in a different way. Only after losing a person, we really start to appreciate every minute with him or her. You remember the happy time when you were together, and you understand that there are no ideal people. So when your beloved will arrive, you won`t pay attention to any “minuses” that were before. On the contrary, you will catch yourself thinking that you really missed your other part as it is. After all, the most important thing is that this is your person.

Negative Aspects of Temporary Parting

Each medal always has two sides. It’s important which one you focus on: the one that shines bright, or the one that looks shabby and old. But we must maintain objectivity, so let’s talk about the negative aspects that may appear during parting. And you will make your choice, whether it is worth it:

1. The absence of the second half. Yearning, sadness, lack of second half. Even friends and relatives do not help. But this is not the end of love. You just have to wait.
2. Independence. Now all problems must be solved by your own. Either the girl will have to solve all the male issues and do all the hard work around the house. And usually, it’s the departure of a loved one that breaks down the equipment, burns the wiring, and cause something with plumbing in a complete set.
3. Sexual relations, or rather their absence, which can affect negatively on health. On the other hand, do not forget that in the past, European women waited for their husbands from the army for several years. So everything is possible to wait out.

In Addition

Try to ensure that even the longest separation does not destroy your relationship. Lack of love can lead to poor health. There is the research published by the University of Bielefeld that showed that someone who is not in a loving relationship suffers from headaches, circulatory disorders, stomach cramps, nervousness, and insomnia much more often. So take care of your health and don`t fear to fall in love!

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