Steps to Get First Class Airline Tickets for Cheap


It is always enticing to fly in first class: be it the flat screens, comfortable beds, elegant dining or the brilliant services they provide, which is in no way comparable to the services of economy class. However, first class tickets are known to cost a fortune, due to which many people are skeptical to book first class tickets. When you shop smart, you can get first class tickets for a much cheaper price compared to what the typical price is. There are several ways to get first class airline tickets for a cheap price by Hong Kong Business Fly. Read on to know more:

  1. Signing up for newsletters

Be a part of the group that opts to receive promotional and marketing campaigns from airlines. You can sign up for their promotions on their websites or any of the ticketing websites to receive updates regarding the best offers and deals available. Spend a few minutes every week to know more about the offers and promotions that different airlines are carrying out.

  1. Repeatedly fly a single airline

Ensure that you fly on a single airline multiple times so that you are able to accumulate frequent flier miles of that airline. When you have a lot of points accumulated, the airline will consider you to be a loyal customer and as a result, there are high chances that you will receive a cheap upgrade. Generally, you will require around 40,000-60,000 miles on an average for getting a free coach ticket from an airline. However, upgrading from a coach will cost much lesser and you can get it done for close to 15,000 miles.

  1. Choose low priced first class tickets

When you choose low fare carriers, you will realize that it also costs less to buy a first class ticket in the same airline, compared to other star and premier airlines. Surprisingly, even the low fare carriers have frequent flyer programs and they will definitely reward you for your loyalty as well, proving to be beneficial in the long run.

  1. Opt for upgradable tickets

There are certain types of tickets available that are generally called K-UP or Y-UP; which stands for an economy ticket with an option to upgrade to first class in case of availability. Some airlines might offer you an upgrade in the case of economy tickets as well. Hence, make sure that you read the policies of airlines and check thoroughly for the type of ticket you are planning to buy, as it might give you a free upgrade if the odds are in your favor.

  1. Book using elite credit cards

When you use popular credit cards to book a flight, it will be taken into account by the airline, as they might offer discounts and in certain cases, also offer an automatic upgrade or increased miles on your ticket. However, these options are available only on credit cards that are not easily available.

With all these tips, ensure that you check thoroughly before buying a coach ticket!

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